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a person who explains


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a political thinker--"far more a gadfly than an expounder of a
Harold Tudor remained vice president of the Eisteddfod and an expounder of its ethos of promoting peace among nations through music and dance.
AMAZINGLY, although Steve Roman, founder and main expounder of modern dosage theory, has been writing about the subject for 20 years, only now has he published a book on it.
In the film, Campion inverts the process of myth interpretation; she is anthropologist as expounder of myth and the creator of allegorical figures, not ethnographic case histories.
Deconstruction, New Historicism and pragmatism each claim a relevance that extends to the past as well as the present; Derrida has deconstructed Plato, New Historicism is perhaps best-known for its analyses of the European Renaissance, and Richard Rorty, the leading expounder of the New Pragmatism, gained fame with a history of Wes tern philosophy from Descartes to the present.
It is the proper office of an expounder of the law of evidence .
15) Finally, he was already reading Plotinus when he was translating Plato and writing his major works because he always regarded Plotinus as an expounder of Plato.
Mainstream economics - integrating Keynesian and neoclassical economics, as expounder, for instance, in Paul Samuelson's textbook - exuded confidence in completing the modernization process, provided that the national economy remained open to foreign capital and trade.
Ann Arbor had its State Journal and True Democrat, Grand Rapids its Enquirer and Eagle; Kalamazoo its Gazette and Telegraph; Hillsdale its Gazette and Whig Standard; Marshall its Democratic Expounder and Marshall Statesman.
He is preaching in a similar setting as Kablr, the urban pilgrimage center of Benares, though perhaps less on the ghats than in the temple, from an authoritative position as expounder of scripture.
The judge was there as its organ and expounder, and his first duty was to read the law in accordance with equity.
Everett Pepperell Wheeler, Daniel Webster: The Expounder of the Constitution 29 (G.
As founder of the first Jesuit school, as promoter and expounder of the order's Constitutions, and as indefatigable visitor of its European houses, he left his footprints everywhere.
Justice Brandeis, widely regarded as one of the great expounders of the First Amendment, once remarked that:
Prominent critics of the Qing claims, perhaps most notably the US adviser to Korean King Kojong, Owen Nickerson Denny, went to great lengths to demonstrate the ways Qing claims were inconsistent with modern international law, declaring that the relationship between the Qing empire and Choson Korea was, apparently, based upon principles that "such well-known expounders as Grotius, Vattell, and Wheaton never comprehended" (Denny 1888, 24).