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a person who explains


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A historian may be an artist too, and a novelist is a historian, the preserver, the keeper, the expounder, of human experience.
He is the author, expounder, and mover of this law, and the person who does not obey it will be in exile from himself.
As an expounder of the social gospel, Ely illustrated the symbiotic relationship between social science and the doctrines of liberal Christianity, each of which would shape the thinking of American elites throughout the 20th century.
It strives to show that sound reasoning and logic and a more critical understanding of the very process (76) of creation themselves point to the Divine and uphold the truth of revelation as the ultimate expounder on the secrets and finality of creation.
Or perhaps you're an Expounder, who repeats the same point over and over.
Pointing to Webster's insistence that the power to blockade is a power of Congress, and casting himself in the tradition of that "great expounder of the Constitution," Vallandigham gleefully reminded Republicans that Jackson "did not dare" to issue a blockade without Congress, but "our Jackson today, the little Jackson at the other end of the avenue, and the mimic Jacksons around him, do blockade, not only Charleston harbor, but the whole Southern coast, three thousand miles in extent, by a single stroke of the pen" (Vallandigham 1864, 317).
She was looked up to, also, by her students, as the only interpreter and expounder of the new idea <"science">.
If Christianity is both social and dogmatic, and intended for all ages, it must humanly speaking have an infallible expounder.
The Democratic Expounder and Calhoun County Patriot 5.
Kuhn (1962), the most noted expounder of the concept, referred to it in broad and large-scale terms.
Rather than starting with faith and equating divine wisdom (Sapientia) with Christ, as did Augustine, Boethius prizes her autonomous role as expositor of truths of human nature and the cosmos, as both the Neoplatonic "highest good" (summum bonum) and expounder of sacred mysteries.
Advertising the attractions of "Levino's Museum of Varieties", it lists the star attractions for a week in November 1887, with acts including a "Gymnastic Artiste", the "Greatest Horizontal Bar Performers in the World", "Maxwell the Juggling Caution", "Orville Pitcher, Banjoist and Expounder of Logic", "Little Kittie Kennedy the Child Mimic" and a trio of "Comical Stilt Walkers".
He was a man of grand projects: editor-in-chief of the 52-volume Traite de Zoologie (1950-1987), author of the comprehensive treatise Termitologia (1982-1986), one of the two founding fathers of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI), organizer and president of international conferences, expounder on large scientific questions, and all-around center of attention.
We may not oppose or alter that law, we cannot abolish it, we cannot be freed from its obligations by any legislature, and we need not look outside ourselves for an expounder of it.