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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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The OEHSA uses a conceptual site model to describe potential exposure pathways which serve as the basis for developing the site surveillance and analysis plan.
Six publications evaluated the impact of specific tasks on the paraoccupational exposure pathway.
In vitro bioaccessibility assessments (IVBA) were performed on a subset of processed ores, soils, and sweep samples to model toxicant bioaccessibility and bioavailability along ingestion exposure pathways (Drexler and Brattin 2007; Morman et al.
MDH also looked at whether any completed exposure pathways existed and whether any completed exposure pathways might exist in the future.
This multimedia transport pathway evaluation must occur before addressing the other questions raised by the exposure pathway analysis.
We used this analysis to assess the prospects for emissions reductions and to identify gaps in present understanding of the Hg exposure pathway.
Examples of neurobehaviorally active substances with multiple exposure pathways.
The risk estimates by exposure pathway remained elevated and in some cases increased after restricting the cases to those who responded to a follow-up survey and confirmed that they had a physician-diagnosed SAID or RA specifically.
For each exposure pathway, we divided person-years of potential exposure into three categories: zero and below and above the 75th percentile of nonzero values.
Our recent articles provide new information regarding the dietary exposure pathway for several OP pesticides.
The importance of this additional exposure pathway can be fully assessed when accurate estimates become available for a) soil physicochemical properties and contamination pattern beneath CCA-treated structures, b) children's daily soil intake values, and c) relative oral bioavailability of arsenic in CCA-contaminated soils.
Furthermore, Lioy's research resulted in more precise risk and policy calculations revealing heretofore unrecognized exposure pathways such as dermal absorption during bathing and showering to disinfectant by-products found in tap water, and the uptake of sprayed indoor pesticides into children's toys, with resultant significant exposure.