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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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The modeled exposure pathway contribution analyses revealed that for children older than 1 y, the soil/dust ingestion and food ingestion pathways contributed more to BLL than drinking water, and the air pathway contributed the least with a small amount.
That work assumed that the exposure pathways of foodborne outbreak illnesses were representative of those pathways for all foodborne illnesses, including outbreak-associated and sporadic (nonoutbreak) illnesses.
The OEHSA identifies exposure pathways for real or potential occupational and environmental health hazards (chemical, biological, and radiological) that may affect the health of deployed personnel.
Once these questions have been answered, and information regarding the six components of an exposure pathway has been assembled, then a basis for understanding potential links between the environment and human health can be said to exist.
3], and direct contact with released DEAE that had subsequently condensed on surfaces was proposed as an exposure pathway [6].
18 ppb TCE action level to eliminate the ingestion exposure pathway.
Recognizing lead bullet fragments may be a potential exposure pathway to this endangered species, the state's fish and game department has embarked on a plan to educate hunters in ways they can voluntarily reduce the condors' exposure to lead by various means, including burying the remains of field-dressed game or avoiding hunting in locations where condors are present.
None of the environmental exposure studies prospectively assessed neonicotinoid-treated produce as the primary exposure pathway.
The number of samples collected during an exposure investigation varied depending on site-specific factors such as the exposure pathway, sample media, and the number of persons potentially exposed.
The work plan calls for a specific capping and/or removal procedure to reduce the potential exposure pathway created by soils containing elevated metal concentrations.
The most common exposure pathway analyzed was consumption of wastewater-irrigated crops, however researchers must also consider synergies with other environmental health risks when designing guidelines.
That was the exposure pathway study,'' Lafflam maintained.
She frequently provides expert witness testimony at regulatory hearings in the areas of exposure pathway identification, exposure modeling, and public health risks.
4) In this issue of EHP, researchers confirm experimentally in humans that dermal uptake from indoor air may be a meaningful exposure pathway for some phthalates.
However, the contribution of each PBDE exposure pathway has not yet been fully elucidated and, in addition, varies with age and geography (Besis and Samara 2012; Jones-Otazo et al.