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Synonyms for expostulate



Synonyms for expostulate

to express opposition, often by argument

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reason with (somebody) for the purpose of dissuasion

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His landlady had for the last fortnight given up sending him in meals, and he had not yet thought of expostulating with her, though he went without his dinner.
At one point, Rex ripp ed the whole lot to bits and suggested that they start again, expostulating "For God's sake - this is f***ing ridiculous
Catt and Wilkinson duly kicked England to safety and by the time Woodward's ageing Red Rose brigade met up with Australia in the final, even the vacuous pre-match expostulating about playing with ambition had gone.
The matron, Amalia Jovine, proves to be as adept at navigating these tricky waters as her old and worn-out husband, Gennaro, is at expostulating against this new way of life.
As if it isn't enough to be made to feel guilty about every mouthful we eat (can you believe it, I heard a scientist expostulating about how eating fruit makes us obese
She heard voices expostulating, protesting, very far away, echoing against the vault.
Smith waving the Constitution on the Senate floor, expostulating, "I wouldn't give a red cent for all your fine rules, without there was some plain everyday, common kindness under 'em--and a little looking out for the next fella"?
Its place has been taken by the obstreperous American press and grandstanding American politicians who constantly feel moved to comment loudly upon the workings of Asian societies and economies, expostulating about human rights violations, corruption, labor practices and so forth.
In "An Encounter" the protagonist thinks of expostulating with the pervert about boys' being whipped in his school but decides to remain "silent" (27) probably for the sake of hiding his identity as he does by assuming false names for Mahony and himself.
There are moments (all too brief) where one can feel the potential for what the story might have been and could be: Bob ruminating on his life in the hotel room, for example, or Debbie's daughter wryly expostulating to her mother on the nature of parental love as they sit in a Japanese restaurant eating sushi before dawn.
Now to the Professor's credit, he's been talking about this and expostulating these ideas long before Simpson.
One reason, of course, why Baker is viewed quite dimly by the library establishment is that he, or his type, has long been familiar: the aggrieved and expostulating professor who appears one day, frothing with rage, in the librarian's office waving some discarded tome and demanding to know how on earth so indispensable a title could have been discarded (or "de-accessioned" as librarians coyly put it).
He was talking and expostulating and kept backing up until he backed into this blade, which cut right through his coat, right through the bottom of his pants, and into his buttocks.
16) No wonder, then, that on one occasion he loses his cool with Gallus, expostulating along the lines of 'mehercule .
Many pundits, academics and commentators have earned many a crust expostulating what trade unions should do to increase and improve their status as social partners and build upon their membership base.