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Synonyms for expostulate



Synonyms for expostulate

to express opposition, often by argument

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reason with (somebody) for the purpose of dissuasion

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But the Cock expostulated in piteous tones from his perch: "If you kill me, who will announce to you the appearance of the dawn?
I say," expostulated the figure, looking very much scared; "don't do that again.
My dear Poirot," I expostulated, "I never thought it would interest you.
I expostulated, "you advance the fact that it is your ship as though it were a moral right.
His morals are bad," said little Lord Southdown to his sister, who meekly expostulated, having heard terrific legends from her mamma with respect to the doings at Gaunt House; "but hang it, he's got the best dry Sillery in Europe
But we can't remember the words from only one hearing," Saxon expostulated.
Thus Captain MacWhirr expostulated against the use of images in speech, and at the end electrified Jukes by a contemptuous snort, followed by words of passion and resentment: "Damme
He called me one morning into his chamber, where he was confined by the gout, and expostulated very warmly with me upon this subject.
It was not till almost a year after this that I broke loose, though, in the meantime, I continued obstinately deaf to all proposals of settling to business, and frequently expostulated with my father and mother about their being so positively determined against what they knew my inclinations prompted me to.
Don't go and have all the crying to yourself,' expostulated Maggy, 'that an't not being greedy.
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that he was surprised after Iraqi President Jalal Talabani expostulated on him by commenting that Ankara did not support him in recent Iraqi elections.
When he expostulated Bernhardt said calmly, "when I am on stage, my audiences will know that this is Cleopatra's hand.
In his meditations on love, so beautifully expostulated in Hannah Arendt's Love and Saint Augustine, we are to be guided by outwardly directed charity, caritas, and that completes Christian identity.
Both I and Mr Reader expostulated with the complainant for coming into the carriage in the dirty class he was.
Dies ist schwarze Musik, zwei und vier," he expostulated, "Everybody's like one.