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Synonyms for expostulate



Synonyms for expostulate

to express opposition, often by argument

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reason with (somebody) for the purpose of dissuasion

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He went to Mrs McHale's house to expostulate with her when Eddie McHale attacked him.
When she had recovered from the dismay of finding them already snugly established immediately below the Terrace, she drove, accompanied by her nephew, as fast as she could to Sanditon House to expostulate.
POLONIUS: My liege, and madam, to expostulate What majesty should be, what duty is, What day is day, night is night, and time is time, Were nothing but to waste night, day, and time.
Then may they not expostulate with us about the circumstances.
In the West, far too many commentators expostulate about Islam who have no knowledge of Arabic.
They have a perfect right to expostulate with, but not intimidate, any persons coming to take their places.
At that point the correspondence breaks from the routine of daily writing, and the narrator begins to expostulate almost compulsively on the work (and worth) of a writer in terms of mathematical calculation.
Psychiatrists could expostulate that this is because of the fragility of their egos, the fear of professional under achievement and the burden of masculine responsibility.
IeIUm certain that most of us know the answer to this question, but dareneIUt expostulate for fear of scuppering the Final Round of Talks.
At CIBSE she launched a Home of a Future advisory organisation and suggested a supervision on tolerable growth to expostulate CO 0 initiatives.
I would also like to expostulate with some friends.
Instead, when asked to expostulate on his new club's prospects Ryan fixes the questioner in an uncomfortably long gaze and utters something along the lines of: "There's no magic wand.
Barker however, utilizes the Gothic in the Regeneration trilogy to expostulate key "outre emotions" of fear and terror of soldiers during the Great War and gives space to the variegated forms of war trauma inflicted on the body when such emotions accumulate and overpower.
TMF's suspicion care programs concentration on women and diverse small business origination and a compared pursuit expansion that will expostulate postulated U.
MS: While the channel has rallied back to fend off the effects of the worst global recession key channel leaders expostulate success or failure in 2012 will largely depend on innovation, solutions selling and adoption of emerging technologies which will spur growth, profitability and boost the industry going forward.