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Synonyms for expostulate



Synonyms for expostulate

to express opposition, often by argument

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reason with (somebody) for the purpose of dissuasion

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MS: While the channel has rallied back to fend off the effects of the worst global recession key channel leaders expostulate success or failure in 2012 will largely depend on innovation, solutions selling and adoption of emerging technologies which will spur growth, profitability and boost the industry going forward.
One is out on the battlefield, away from the pleasures of life, perhaps stiffening his resolve and making him less likely to be lenient about social policy, while the other is mostly at home, free to expostulate the labyrinthine and otherwise juicy moments of pleasurable transcendence from the ordinary.
A judge immediately issued a warrant for his arrest prompting Mr Gere to expostulate that "the dance move was a naive misread of Indian customs.
I'll not expostulate with her lets her body and her beauty unprovide my mind.
In this respect and in the context of Polonius' dialectical counterpoint: "to expostulate .
When she had recovered from the dismay of finding them already snugly established immediately below the Terrace, she drove, accompanied by her nephew, as fast as she could to Sanditon House to expostulate.
POLONIUS: My liege, and madam, to expostulate What majesty should be, what duty is, What day is day, night is night, and time is time, Were nothing but to waste night, day, and time.
And we do justly in it, for the writings and words of men present, we may examine, controll, and expostulate, and receive satisfaction from the authors; but the other we must beleeve, or discredit; they present no mean.
Exeter warns, "stay not to expostulate, make speed" (2.
Before hurrying on, then, as theory and theorists have a penchant for doing, to explain the phenomenon, to say what it means about definitions of narrative, to expostulate about narrative across the media, to reflect on how it intersects with the concept of narrativity, to do any of the thousand other intellectual operations we're all so fond of, can we just hold our gaze on this plenty long enough to say, "Look at all that.
What followed was vicarious dialogue that resulted in a narrative encompassing in general terms the aspirations and grievances of all the participants sufficient to give them a degree of confidence without requiring them to sign on to the others' positions--but equally not to expostulate against them.
Though Ogundipe-Leslie does not expostulate a sustained discourse against Islam, as she is astute enough to point out that religion is a crucial variable in the study of African women's conditions and that the various cultural effects of Islam, Christianity, and traditional religions should be taken into account in studying women's positions in Africa, her thesis, nevertheless, is interspersed with many statements underpinning a marked and unfounded bias against Islamically inspired practices.
Rather than expostulate in a personal way, I suggest that Mr.
Instead, the issue is "how to build and then properly position a platform from which to expostulate human history in all its variety and confusion.
Many councillors and MPs expostulate against hunting with hounds yet turn a blind eye to beasts and fowl having their throats cut whilst they are still fully conscious and being left to bleed to death, all in the name of religion.