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Or, in the expository text, Lands of Rock (Evans, 2003), the first sentence contains two clauses: Earth's rocky places are much more than just bare stone / lying hot and still under the sun.
Various researchers have indicated that expository texts with their specific text structure can challenge the early years student (Nubla-Kung, 2008; Fealy, 2010; Newman, 2007).
As students progress in school, reading and comprehending expository instructional materials and textbooks is of great importance as instruction focuses on the acquisition of content knowledge (Bernhardt, Destino, Kamil, & Rodriguez-Munoz, 1995).
Pre-service teachers additionally design an expository lesson, in which they use companion expository text materials and orchestrate factual linkages with fictional accounts outlined in the narrative text.
Self-expression has its place, of course, but it is expository writing - grounded in lots of close nonfiction reading, reasoning, and logical argument - that produces strong thinkers who are ready for the challenges of college and the workplace.
The workshop featured an essay contest, with the best expository essay named 'Change' by Ahmed Al Mosawi, Mauree Celi, Frank Asheer and Mohammed Rashid Ali.
Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old & New Testament Words, edited by William D.
Each lesson begins with a teacher-led read-aloud using a high-quality narrative or expository text.
By using both fiction and non-fiction source material, students will engage in expository reading skills based on sound pedagogical practices.
This expository volume holds many promising plot devices such as school bullying, light romance and mystery; perhaps in subsequent volumes, there will be a deeper development of Aki's story.
It's her first screenplay, and it shows; while not the movie's only problem, the script is a big one, made up as it is primarily of dialogue that isn't just expository, but clunkily explanatory.
The study is an empirical, text-based analysis of Latinate elements of the English lexicon, taken as representing a more formal, literate level of language use than words of its native Germanic stock, and hence as diagnostic of linguistic register across the variables of age and text type (narrative versus expository genres, spoken versus written discourse).
Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee) is an expository commentary of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah.
It is also a very concrete way of teaching the forward movement of English expository style.
Or, in their zeal to give the dance a wider context, they become expository, rather than evocative.