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a person who explains


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The appeal is strongly supported by Julio de Santa Ana from Uruguay, strong expositor of God's "Preferential Option for the Poor", and Ulrich Duchrow with an essay on Gandhi and Non-Violence.
The collection excels in jolting white Western expositors of Scripture to think anew, even about cherished First World gains in liberation and feminist theologies.
Chasing Kangaroos should cement his reputation as one of our finest expositors of popular science, as well as a formidable guardian of Earth's past and, inextricably, its future.
Item: ministers of Word and Sacrament are called and trained to be primarily expositors of scripture, communicators and pastors.
Rabbi Yitzcahk Ginsburgh is one of the foremost contemporary expositors of Kabbalah and Hassidut.
Kramer is less interested in debunking modern, theoretical justifications for judicial supremacy than in demonstrating that, for most of the nation's history, the People regarded themselves as both the creators and the supreme expositors of the Constitution--a view that Kramer labels "popular constitutionalism.
There is more flair than fury in the book, despite its preoccupation at times with the bloodier passages of the Old Testament, but not much, if anything, that has not been said before by Voltairean sceptics, clergymen of the Enlightenment, Victorians with doubts, troubled Christians of various times, Soviet departments for the suppression of religion, and an array of biblical scholars, 'higher critics', commentators, and expositors in the last century and a half.
One is Alexander Johnson, a businessman-philosopher-philologist from Utica, New York, whose great theme in his philosophical treatises on language was that we must "'subordinate language to nature,--to make nature the expositor of words, instead of making words the expositors of language'" (223).
He does not explain why his definition of Christianity is correct or why the authorities he cites are the definitive expositors of Christianity.
Celibate Christian expositors employed allegory to unsex the salacious Song and render it sublimely spiritual.
At least, this was the method proposed by its foremost expositors.
Around 500 expositors will be at the Fair and it is anticipating at least 800
Sociobiology, the research program that inquires into the extent and limits of evolutionary influences on behavior, has been fortunate in its expositors.
Architecture culture may just have arrived at the point - following a sustained immersion in imported critical theory that generated reams of tortured prose - where its more sophisticated expositors can produce informed prose that is, of all things, a pleasure to read.
And really, there are some people who turn out to be just absolutely wonderful expositors of complex ideas - people who themselves have thought about, you know, why am I doing this?