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a person who explains


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But the relaunch was really made credible only when three key Expositor employees -- the ad manager, the circulation manager and a reporter -- headed for greener pastures at the Brant News at the same time, thus ensuring a quick start-up and steady cash flow.
In 1996, the editorial board of Review and Expositor severed the publication's relationship with Southern Seminary and became identified with a consortium of several new Baptist theological schools.
The effect is bound to make readers wonder whether so many problems stem from Meinong or his expositor.
The speaker will be David Judd, former editor of the Brantford Expositor, on the topic of the great St.
Aside from his 1923 book, Aspects of Reunion, some of Rowley's earliest publications were short essays, published in 1924 in The Expositor, on the subject of "The Belshazzar of Daniel and of History.
Short-term goals for the Brant Historical Society include expansion of educational programs, development of new educational programs focusing on local history, new exhibits based on themes identified in the community engagement study, creation of more outreach programming and an oral local history program, as well as partnerships for specific projects with the Brant County Library, Brantford Expositor and Doors Open Brant.
In 1996, I was asked to serve on the editorial board of a journal called Review and Expositor.
Kelley, "125 Years of Old Testament Study at Southern," and Expositor 82 (1985): 7-19.
In Brant-Brantford, our daily newspaper the Expositor is a classic example of this scenario, sending its editor-in-chief packing last year, laying off reporters, lowering advertising rates and redesigning its website and newsprint pages.
Van Inwagen is a fair-minded and engaging expositor of the different sides of the debates he deals with.
18) Betty did a study of Baptist publications like the Hogar Cristiano, El Expositor Biblico, and the journal Heraldo Bautista in which she discovered a "Baptist ideology" for women in the home and at work.
the supreme champion and expositor and ornament of our faith" (p.
See also "Baptism in the New Testament," Foundations 3 (January 1960): 15-31; "The Authority and Justification for Believers' Baptism," Review and Expositor 77, no.