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2) We exposit two channels through which bicameralism predictably protects minority interests against policies that they would not favor.
The examples contributors shared for successfully introducing unfamiliar materials include using a comparable piece of literature, a modern-day parallel, student self-inventory, and exposit ion.
The first might be called anthropological portrayals of traditional life, portrayals which emphasise artifact and costume or which might be seen to exposit the ways in which Aboriginal life differs from that of the European audience for whom the images were made.
Moses Alashkar writes, [furthermore], "It makes no difference whether the Torah was given via Moses or via Ezra in terms of whether sages can exposit upon it"(21) The traditional commentators who object to this amoraic teaching therefore appear to reject the notion that humans have any role in articulating the halakha as divinely commanded, even on behalf of the divine.
I shall exposit and discuss these problems in order.
Anita Gillette, as the hereo's naggingwife, is at a disadvantage in that she has to deliver so much more of Schisgal's script than her colleagues, including the ever-so-artless opening dialogue in which husband and wife exposit to each other how they came to be married and breed children.
Because the critic tacitly embraces the invitation that this unscripted role supposes, they also accept the implication that they must exposit the nature of this new adventure; that only they can do this, or at least this is the pretence under which it appears that they must accept the responsibility of the role of critical actor.
This article summarizes the quantity theory tradition without attempting to exposit a quantity-theoretic model.
Indeed, it is this reviewer's opinion that much more research is required to demonstrate the strong possibility that, taken together, his two articles, 'The Time Moment in Value Theory' (1934) and 'Perfect Foresight and Economic Equilibrium' (1935) anticipate, exposit (in words) and also criticise the equivalent content of the notion of rational expectations supposedly formulated much later in the history of twentieth century economic thought.
After a systematic exposit on of stochastic dominance emphasizing rigor and generality, they survey some new applications of in finance, risk, and economics.
2005) payout interviews indicate that executives understand and can easily exposit the tax incentives related to dividends.
Some exposit [this place], "and he does not lay a charge against his neighbor," [as meaning that] he will not denigrate the reputation and name of his neighbor.
Mateer and Rice (2007) exposit a method by which music, lyrics, and economics can all be integrated into a classroom setting via an animation format.
Scholars continue to exposit the "instability" of Hawthorne's signs and symbols, marveling at the "indeterminacy" of his allusive prose.
As Tighe is quick to exposit, sharing such knowledge internally in this manner is a practice that is at the foundation of today's top real estate services firms and one of the key things that has enabled the industry to execute transactions for its customers at an ever-increasing level of sophistication.