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Synonyms for export

sell abroad


foreign trade


Synonyms for export

commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country

sell or transfer abroad

transfer (electronic data) out of a database or document in a format that can be used by other programs

cause to spread in another part of the world

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a Woodland Hills, California-based firm that produces medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for export to countries on the African continent, Brazil, and Mexico.
To focus specifically on these diversion concerns, the Commerce Department launched the Transshipment Country Export Control Initiative (TECI).
Guatemala Overtakes India in Terms of Cardamom Exports II-12
With exporters in Dubai continuing to penetrate new markets and diversify their product range, the export sector could perform better, Dubai Exports said.
You state that the blame, if any, on the lack thereof of small business exports can be placed on the doorsteps of governments and banks.
For ETI purposes, exports are goods consumed outside the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
universities may be exposed to secret or sophisticated technology, otherwise referred to as "deemed exports.
Its Guangzhou export-only plant is planned to start operation in 2005, with exports of 100,000 predicted by 2010.
Prompting the need for such rides are the illegal exports of commingled waste.
It has increased, however, from the 2 million tons of oil equivalent that Egypt exported to Israel in 1981, the peak year of Egypt's exports to Israel in current dollar terms.
Supreme Court unanimously struck down the harbor maintenance tax (HMT) as an unconstitutional tax on exports (U.
Some of the recent experiments suggest that Crm1p exports the cell's messenger RNA, whereas some others indicate that it exports other classes of RNA.
It's all part of the new economics of exports, one of the most often noted and yet least understood trends in the U.
The deficit flattened over the course of the year, and it narrowed sharply in the fourth quarter, as imports of goods and services flagged while exports picked up (chart 1).