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a businessperson who transports goods abroad (for sale)

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Other exporter services offered by the Commerce Department include profiles of potential foreign buyers and joint venture partners, as well as assistance with web promotion overseas.
Under the ETI and IC-DISC regimes exporters have to pass foreign economic process (FEP) tests to qualify for tax benefits.
The vast majority of goods go out through the Atlantic, yet exporters are using the Cristo Redentor pass more and more.
Cereals Exporter of the Year, Sponsored by HGCA: Mayur Foods
The Japanese paper industry has been sluggish like North America's, and thus paper stock dealers have become exporters to China.
Personalized web pages can enable the exporter to build a one-to-one relationship with its customers (Hanson, 2000).
Ontario exporters have grown lazy living within a days drive to the single-largest market in the world," says Quenneville.
Over the 90's several Asian economies have moved increasingly into a position of direct competition with Japanese merchandise exporters, and a weakening yen adds to competitive pressure on exports from rival producers in Asia who compete with Japanese companies in the global market place.
SOME OF Australia's leading exporters joined Foreign Minister Alexander Downer at a Top Exporters Dinner held in Adelaide earlier this month.
Every exporter is competing to grab oranges from the suppliers at a higher rate than the other.
Last year it was North Shieldsbased AIS Technical which was crowned Overall Exporter of the Year.
New Exporter Award: | is open to businesses that started exporting within the last two years and can demonstrate signicant export success.
19 -- Sri Lanka's apex export entity has issued a clarion call to the country's exporter community to register with it and enlist in its surging database on 16 September.
A certified exporter is a producer or manufacturer duly authorized by BOC to make out an invoice declaration on the origin of a good exported.