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The expected outcome of the policy is an exportable surplus of $20 billion; development of a skill workforce of 0.
He said imported components are less than 10 per cent in textile exportable products.
2 billion dollars through its exportable goods and its share in total national export was 14 percent.
To reduce the higher cost of manufacturing of exportable, government has to resolve this issue as early as possible.
This action includes production effort to deliver exportable FMS THD Interceptors and a priced option (Letter of Offer and Acceptance Amendment 01) for delivery to UAE.
Iftikhar Ahmed, Senior Advisor on Programme Development FAO, said at a recently held seminar on Pesticides Residues in Exportable Horticulture Crops.
Analysts have estimated that Russia's exportable grain surplus could run out by the end of the year if current export volumes continue, triggering an export ban.
In addition the proposed legislation encourages joint ventures and strategic alliances between YPF and other parties for exploration and production, in order to meet the country's hydrocarbon needs and to generate exportable stocks.
And even if it was, it wouldn't be exportable to Algeria given its revolutionary heritage.
During the meeting, exporters emphasised the need to get closer to producers to ensure a better quality of exportable production.
We have to produce competitive products that are exportable.
Enterprise link module now permits more exportable real-time data to keep third-party ERP/MRP systems updated.
Furthermore, exportable supplies will also decrease due to the reduced production and increased demand on feed.
5) Furthermore, we extend the Blanchard-type model to a three-good open economy composed of exportable, importable, and non-traded goods to allow us to consider the dynamics of the real exchange rate when demand changes.
Rising domestic demand is expected to constrain exportable supplies.