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Synonyms for export

sell abroad


foreign trade


Synonyms for export

commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country

sell or transfer abroad

transfer (electronic data) out of a database or document in a format that can be used by other programs

cause to spread in another part of the world

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1 also includes new Internet support including a direct VRML export filter and support for GIF and JPEG file formats.
The EPS Export filter allows Photoshop users to create EPS files of their images using ICC profiles.
Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) is pleased to announce that it will release an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) export filter for CorelDRAW(r) 9.
Print to Press software includes plug-ins and export filter interfaces for Adobe Photoshop which ensure tight color control during scanning and closely matches the final output color files to the original photographs.
With the new release, customers can also export filters from the Filter Design Toolbox into Code Composer Studio.
They include improved product reliability, stability, performance, and more robust Microsoft Office import and export filters, reduced file sizes, full online help and written documentation, a complete database engine on an major platforms, graphics power enhancements, and introduction of XML as a file format.
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