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a duty imposed on exports

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The ministry said : 'Higher export duty will help in conserving precious natural resource for the long term utilisation of the domestic steel industry.
Moreover, the increase in the nickel duty in Dec 2010 happened just one day after the government introduced a 10% export duty on copper (up from 0%).
New formula to raise incremental export duty to 30%.
In our view, there is little sense in imposing an export duty on flat products in order to lower domestic pricing, as the domestic flat market is tightly controlled by Severstal, NLMK and MMK.
We also believe that the state's decision not to re-introduce an export duty on potash should give a positive signal to investors and bring more players into the sector, which is expected to see restructuring and/or consolidation.
Export duties are set according to certain adjustments to the standard export duty formula: Standard formula: $29.
A meeting was held with Prime Minister Sherif Ismail Tuesday to discuss curbing fish exports and consequently increase supply to the local market by imposing an export duty, the minister said in a Tuesday statement.
Summary: Lukoil has asked the Ministry of Energy to apply export duty relief for excess crude oil production at the Pyakyakhinskoye field, according to Kommersant.
The export duty on crude oil will go up from $80 to $91,9 per tonne.
These additions include alterations to the Mineral Extraction Tax (MET), bonuses imposed on new sub-surface users for signing E&P agreements and for the commercial discoveries, the rent tax on exports (RTE), capital allowances for the CIT and EPT, provisions for tax losses relating to sub-surface use, and the crude oil export duty (see the background of the PSA and the EPT and their implications for operators and Astana in gmt4KazE&P-July23-12).
5 per cent > Increasing export duty on bauxite from 20 per cent to 50 per cent > Increasing Duty Drawback
Khurram Dastgir Khan, Federal Minister for Commerce for exempting the steel linepipe industry from export duty for Afghanistan and Central Asian states.
Fyodorov also said his ministry did not plan to change its wheat export duty and that it expected 2015 grain exports at up to 25 million tonnes.
Kazakhstan will reduce the export duty on oil from $80 to $60 per ton, Minister of National Economy Erbolat Dossayev told an enlarged meeting of the government on Wednesday.
In place of the existing uniform export duty regime, Parrikar proposed differential export duties for iron ore, that is, higher rates for higher grades of ore and lower rates for corresponding grades, considering that the latter was not of significant use to domestic industry.
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