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a duty imposed on exports

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The Minister had clarified and issued instructions to the ministry to implement the exemption of export duty in true spirit which has already granted by the ministry.
Russia's position is that the oil produced by Belarus -- around 2 million tonnes a year -- should be used to meet domestic needs, while any spare oil bought from Russia can be processed by Minsk and sold abroad at the Russian export duty rate, with the tax revenues then going into the Russian budget.
The JUP leader said withdrawal of export duty on yarn would make it competitive in international market and spinners would go for bulk purchases before the crop is damaged due to lack of proper storage capacity.
Participants said Russia can sustain growth in production that now exceeds 10 million barrels per day (bpd), while crude exports could rise by more than 1 mbpd, encouraged by cuts in crude oil export duty that take effect next month.
government declared that the HMT is a permissible user fee, not an export duty.
The government export duty has proved its effectiveness in decreasing the exported volume but failed in maintaining local prices at reasonable levels.
Rising local cement prices had earlier forced the ministry to introduce an export duty on cement.
For example, the government introduced a crude oil export duty of $109.
Explaining the stumbling blocks, she said: "Some of the EU members are saying that we have to be very firm on our principles, one or two in the GCC think that they want to go for export duty," she said, but refused to name the members on either side.
An export duty is to be imposed on all kinds of rice .
According to Qazi, the export duty on dry fruits also contributed to the revenue jump.
Ahmad assured the APTMA of his support and hoped that there would be positive result on the issue of imposition of 15 percent export duty on yarn in the next meeting, probably on Monday (tomorrow).
At first, Kudrin was opposed to cancelling the export duty.
In the letter, industry has sought imposing an export duty of ` 10,000 per tonne of cotton, withdrawal of export incentive of 1.
According to finance ministry sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, by the end of 2010 the rate of the export duty for Norilsk Nickel may be revised, based on analysis of how the increase in tax payments is expected to affect investment and social programmes within the company.
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