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the process of raising a quantity to some assigned power

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Again, when exponentiating the regression coefficient we obtain the IRR for the regression coefficient [e.
Table 4 gives the relative weights for the IPF-PPS CCs computed by exponentiating the coefficient estimates from the log per diem cost regression.
Risk ratios for postsecondary education initiation were calculated by exponentiating the estimated regression coefficients.
M], by exponentiating the obtained difference with a base of 2: [P.
05; p-value is based on the Wald statistic; RC = reference category; Exponentiating these log odds produces the odds ratios for a particular outcome.
This equation results from exponentiating both sides of the In(odds) equation and solving algebraically for [^.
Exponentiating the predicted value for each observation gives the odds prob(year = 2001|X)/prob(year = 1989|X).
9) Percentages are derived from the estimates in Table I by exponentiating the log wage differential and subtracting 1.
The simple interest rates plugged into equation (10) were calculated by exponentiating their series and subtracting one.
By exponentiating the Naperian base of the logarithm (2.
We can, however, present a percentage interpretation of the effects of the two types of historic areas on the housing sales price by exponentiating the relevant coefficient and subtracting one.
0](t) the baseline hazard function is estimated with reference to a specified reference group, and relative risks of other groups are calculated in relation to the baseline group by exponentiating the regression coefficient, i.
Adjusted odds ratios and their 95% confidence intervals were calculated by exponentiating the estimated coefficient (Hosmer & Lemeshow, 1989).
The predicted reimbursement is then computed by exponentiating the predicted values for the non-reporting physicians plus 1/2 the estimated variance from the regression.
Unit costs are derived by subtracting ln q from both sides of equation (19) and then exponentiating.