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the process of raising a quantity to some assigned power

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a) Exponentiated beta coefficients were used to represent the multiplicative change in urine concentrations relative to the reference group.
We interpreted the deviation statistic to evaluate the significance of our model against the null model; and we interpreted the significance of the exponentiated coefficients to evaluate odds ratios.
The [beta] coefficient from linear regression was exponentiated, subtracted from 1, and multiplied by 100 to allow interpretation as the percentage difference in CAC severityper SD change in fetuin-A.
00 (referent) Exponentiated coefficients; 95% confidence intervals in brackets Notes: Computed from MS BRFSS data, 2007-2009 * p < 0.
The ERR, which is the coefficient exponentiated, quantifies the strength and direction of the relationship between independent and dependent variables.
As a first step, the exponentiated utilities of all the alternatives need to be calculated.
To interpret the statistically significant effects, the regression coefficients that are expressed in log units were exponentiated, which produced an odds ratio interpretation of the coefficient.
26) Second, the exponentiated coefficient of a dummy variable, such as "Land Adjacency," "Common Colony," and "Alliance," measures the changes in In(odds ratio) when the dummy variable changes from 0 to 1.
Results are presented in the exponentiated form, Exp ([beta]).
Exponentiated coefficients from the Sickle regression model of divorce risk Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Gender: female 1.
These confidence limits were exponentiated to obtain the 90% CI for the ratio (aprepitant/placebo) of true mean AUC values.
Logistic regression coefficients and their design-corrected standard errors (SEs) were exponentiated and are reported here as odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs).
Regression coefficients were exponentiated and standardised to add up to 100%.
exponentiated estimates) show that SOEs in countries with highly specific human assets were about seven hundred times more likely to be internalized in countries with strong trade unions.