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a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent

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The MHD heat transfer through a porous medium over an exponentially stretching surface has many applications in industries and technical processes.
First we recall some definitions and facts about exponentially convex and logarithmically convex functions (see, e.
The bank is growing its Emiratisation percentage exponentially every year.
BEIRUT: The MENA region needs around $250 billion in electricity investments during the next five years as demand is growing exponentially, according to a report released Monday.
While the author declined our invitation for a clarification, we feel that there are variables that can cause the number of connections to increase, but not necessarily exponentially.
He reminds us of the historical churches of the global South such as the Ethiopian church and that these and other newer Christian churches are growing exponentially.
And even if I was wrong about the transformative political nature of the post-9/11 blog explosion, the ensuing growth of the form has made it exponentially easier to seek out truth, however you define it.
And heaven's second instant is twice as ecstatic and so on exponentially for the rest of eternity.
ENI)--Anti-Semitic attacks worldwide reached a 15-year high in 2004 and will continue to increase exponentially unless countries take preventive measures, says an annual study released by Israel's Tel Aviv University.
The tension mounts exponentially as Lirael and Prince Sameth (Sam) and their companions, the Disreputable Dog and Mogget, the cat-shaped Free Magic creature, make their way through the dangerously disrupted Old Kingdom.
While birds have evolved with hemp seed in their diets, human infants have only been exposed placentally and via breast-feeding to PBDEs and PCBs for the last forty years, but at an exponentially growing rate for the former.
The demand for outsourced computer retirement and recycling services has allowed RetroBox to grow exponentially, and in turn, enabled us to serve as a role model for other minority owned businesses in this industry.
It is the hope of the hardworking pioneers in the organic movement that the instance of Parkinson disease, cancer, and many environmentally related illnesses will diminish exponentially with the conversion of acreage to organic cultivation.
Competitive intelligence activities are on the rise and will continue to rise exponentially.
Today the obscene Apartheid Wall and settler-only highways are ripping apart the West Bank and Gaza, demolishing Palestinian houses, fields of fruit and olive trees, with total disregard for the people, the precious biblical landscape and environment, ecology and agriculture, while settlements expand exponentially.
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