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a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent

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Attendees will learn how to apply these innovative techniques to exponentially increase their own sales.
Such risks, uncertainties and factors include those described in the Company's filings and reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the lack of assurances that: advertising spending from television to the Internet will grow exponentially throughout 2005 and beyond; that the need for exceptional video and interactive advertising will intensify; or that Viewpoint has all the tools necessary to provide its clients with powerful end-to-end solutions and give consumers the most enlightening and satisfying experiences online.
Flexpoint will recognize revenues in 2005, with sales expected to grow exponentially in '06 and beyond.
Nevertheless, while the Company has been growing exponentially in the last two years, NewMarket's average share price has declined 47%.
Following the crisis, however, the remaining insect groups "took off like compound interest in the bank" and continued to diversify exponentially until 125 million years ago, says Sepkoski.
However, Rush Hour is less difficult than generalized chess, where both memory and time requirements increase exponentially as the board size gets bigger.
Precise control of the barrier thickness, typically 20 nm to 30 nm, is essential because junction electrical characteristics depend exponentially on barrier thickness.
And the latter, as you well know, exceeds the former exponentially, and by decades.
Doug's aim is to exponentially reward our shareholders for their patience and as partners through pursuing exceptional innovative projects.
Following the success of Pfizer's blockbuster Neurontin (gabapentin), interest in the neuropathic pain market has grown exponentially.
Summary: The MENA region needs around $250 billion in electricity investments during the next five years as demand is growing exponentially, according to a report released Monday.
single "I'm With Stupid" is a grower, not a shower, and exponentially funnier once you decipher its Blair-loves-Bush subtext.
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