exponential function

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a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent

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Xin: The exponential function rational expansion method and exact solutions to nonlinear lattice equations system, Appl.
In contrast, in the present study the on- and off-transient phases were symmetrical, once they were adequately fitted by a single exponential function, compared to the double exponential one, and no slow component for the V[O.
However, it is evident that there are disciplines--cosmology, embryology, information science, and others, all of which will be of great significance in the coming decades--that are poorly described by the exponential function.
0] from the approximation exponential function given in the second section showing that [N.
The route derived from the less permissive exponential function was much longer (21.
For the exponential function we will proceed indirectly by instead approximating [psi](t) = 1 - [e.
The exponential function is adopted here to develop the in-process surface roughness model are proposed here as:
The exponential growth of the literature is described mathematically by the exponential function YT =a.
Energy is used at a rate proportional to speed (actually, for the technically minded, some exponential function of speed is more correct).
0]) is the nabla exponential function on a time scale (see [7, 10]).
For every fixed element ([xi], p) [member of] N, we define the exponential function exp(([xi], p)) on N' by
2003) fit a negative exponential function to survey data of walking distance to transit stops.
Bartlett, a retired physics professor from the University of Colorado at Boulder, will demonstrate the ease of understanding the exponential function.
We have to be able to understand the exponential function of what it will take to care for 8 billion people on the planet by 2025, up from 6.
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