exponential equation

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an equation involving exponential functions of a variable

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In the case of a continuously increasing amount of cyclic softening converging towards a threshold, an estimation, using an exponential equation with optimization parameters [k.
54% compared with the observed data (Figure 3B), while for the exponential equation the highest value was 6.
Some of the differences between 'arrival' problems and 'survival' problems can be illustrated by utilizing the discrete form of the exponential equation and comparing examples of both an arrival and a survival problem.
Solving (7) produces a possible relationship between QoE and QoS as an exponential equation form, as:
Recognising the relationship that results from the composition of inverse functions leads to understanding the logarithmic function as a key tool for solving exponential equations.
Temporal decrease of ozone concentrations in grain mound can be described in the exponential equation.
The calculated correlation factor confirmed that the change in the compressive strength of concrete obtained from exponential equations shown in Fig.
Aggregated RMSE coefficients for hyperbolic discounting were significantly lower than those for the exponential equation (see Table 1).
The following exponential equation (29) provides a good estimate of the dependency of the particle size on the HDPE-g-MAH concentration.
2008), but during the first few weeks after hatching, this equation can be approximated by an exponential equation (Garcia et al.
11) is called an areolar exponential equation of the Fempl type [4].
Gas production parameters were determined and cumulative gas production data were fitted to the exponential equation.