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a graph of an exponential function

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Simple growth phenomena in which the rate of increase is proportional to the size already achieved can be described by an exponential curve.
After the first 50 to 75 cases, the learning curve stabilized and became a predictable negative exponential curve, suggesting that the surgical outcome improved at a constant rate and did not rapidly reach a plateau.
While the stories always accounted for the increasing or decreasing aspects of the graph, they did not take into account other mathematically observable features, such as the rapid acceleration of an exponential curve.
With such an exponential curve, how can anyone expect to learn it all and cope with its ramifications?
The fit was not perfect, with the exponential curve overestimating the early part of drying.
The pace of technological development in this area is following an exponential curve.
Figure 4 plots the reported case counts in China, together with an exponential curve fitted to a smooth version of the counts (to allow for the discreteness in reports in early April).
The modified exponential curve shows a very small mean error, but a large, mean absolute percentage error, and the logistic curve shows just the opposite.
The relationship between CEC and Clay% was best described by an exponential curve (Fig.
ICG is removed exclusively by the liver at the rate of 18-24% per minute (2), so the elimination of ICG follows an exponential curve with a half-life of -150-180 s (3).
I understand why they want to go at a slower pace, but unfortunately the technological, the exponential curve of technological advances, is not going to allow that to happen.
It is readily apparent in figure 2 that the dynamic performance of all of the compounds is well represented by the single exponential curve drawn through the data points.
They found that learning follows a pattern which corresponds to an exponential curve, which is consistent with the intuitive belief that people tend to perform a task more efficiently as they gain more experience - learning enhances efficiency.
Unfortunately, retail chains that have gone out of business primarily due to internal theft have experienced shortages slopes similar to the exponential curve, but rarely does such extensive theft go unnoticed and unchallenged.
The most active, creative and popular content providers earn the largest amounts of money in this revenue-sharing model based on an exponential curve.