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Fast-twitch fibers contract faster and more explosively than other muscle fibers, giving a racehorse power to gain speed quickly.
The series opens explosively, with two seemingly unconnected deaths: A suspected drug dealer's brains are spattered against the wall of an alley by an unknown assailant (a witness is shot off his motorbike as well), while the researcher for a rising member of Parliament is ground under a train in London's Tube, an apparent suicide.
Also the market for SCM appliances will grow explosively over the next five years.
He sold the wood lumber and explosively growing plastic composite business to Universal Forest Products (UFP) of Grand Rapids, Mich.
The match had begun explosively with Dadi firing Tranmere into a 28-second lead, but Glynn Hurst hit an instant reply for Chesterfield.
WHEN Will Smith and Martin Lawrence first teamed up eight years ago as undercover Miami buddy-buddy cops the result was an explosively funny action- packed thriller.
When vapor-steam touches a cold surface it expands, explosively loosening dirt, grease and grime.
This is a pretty cool alternate history: it takes a while to warm up, but it ends explosively.
But what his lovely, eerie, leery work shows even more explosively is our strange love--and dreadful need--of the idea of apocalypse itself.
The electrical wiring is suspect and has failed explosively twice in 2001.
According to Young, training with heavy loads is effective and may even be preferable to light loads for power development, provided the contractions are performed as explosively as possible.
One would be hard-pressed to think of a more conducive environment for dropping dead than this scenic but explosively violent Colombian city, where all the wrong people (they are legion) pack guns and even day is a Series 7-style survival game whose object is to make it past sunset with your blood supply intact.
On IP PBX systems: "IP PBX is undoubtedly poised to grow explosively, despite a slow initial market adoption of IP telephony.
Unlike the direct-attack 2A, the 2B flies overhead and destroys the target by firing two Aerojet-built explosively formed penetrator warheads downward.
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