explosive unit

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any unit for measuring the force of explosions

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The explosive unit growth of the small format clubs has been financed, the report states, through franchising, such as that experienced by Gold's Gym, owned since 2004 by TRT Holdings, a private investment company.
at the corner of Cambridge Avenue and Bridlewood Drive, causing more than $1 million in damage, said Detective Mike Digby of the sheriff's arson and explosive unit.
Detectives and the Arson Explosive Unit conducted interviews with students Thursday, and searched the homes of three boys ages 15 and 16 in the evening, Peters said.
Until the TWA crash, the lab's explosive unit was criticized not for being slow to reach a conclusion, but for shooting from the hip.
The mining firms had been allowed by the PNP Civil Security Group and the Firearms and Explosive Units to buy automatic weapons.
Being well known specialists in the oil and gas, mining, marine and construction industry, from document storage and food supply containers, generator houses and explosive units, mobile hospitals, control rooms, prayer rooms to fire proof and sound proof containers, acoustic generator rooms; transformer rooms; switch-gear rooms; offshore control rooms; food supply containers (chillers and freezers); tool rooms; portable workshops; latrines; mobile promotion units (for road shows and storage facilities), MFC is capable of offering container conversions and modular fabrications with a vast range of uses to satisfy each and every customer.
The carrier traces its origins to moving mining explosives in 1929, when it began carrying munitions in 1935, and since then has handled everything from nuclear material to rocket engines to small air-bag explosive units for automobile manufacturers.
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