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His partner, Daniel Doyce, was something of a stumbling-block in Mr Meagles's way, the worthy gentleman being not at all clear in his own anxious mind but that the mingling of Daniel with official Barnacleism might produce some explosive combination, even at a marriage breakfast.
His nickname in the regiment was the Explosive Lieutenant.
The three Marys were considered as dangerous as high explosives to have about the kitchen, yet they were such good cooks and such admirable housekeepers that they never had to look for a place.
I found no explosives, however, nor any means of breaking down the bronze doors.
Any further cylinders that fell, it was hoped, could be destroyed at once by high explosives, which were being rap- idly manufactured and distributed.
I guess it's that shipment of explosives waiting down the river which has done most for you.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Explosives in Metric Tons and in US$ Million by the following Product Groups/Segments: Blasting Agents, Propellants, Pyrotechnics, and Other Explosives.
It can potentially be used to differentiate between explosive manufacturers and to reveal an explosive material's country of origin.
In any given year, intermittent explosive disorder affects between 2.
The new devices for detecting the presence of trace amounts explosive residue on a passenger, even if they operate perfectly, will also not be 100% effective because the TSA has implied that they will not be available for every airport.
There are many legal uses, including explosive ones, for what Firefox sold.
It is positioned on the metal surface and covered by a thin explosive sheet, which is then detonated using an embedded fuse.
The first announcement informing travelers of the situation, came over the public address system nearly four hours after the explosive detection alarm was sounded.
With that in mind, there is still much to be gained from an understanding of explosive strength training as long as you recognize that you must apply modifications and caveats carefully in order to avoid injury.
The main goal: to detect "plastic" explosives (see box, p.