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  • verb

Synonyms for explore

travel around


Synonyms for explore

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for explore

travel to or penetrate into

examine minutely

examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes

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An overview of the current research regarding the role of spirituality and religion in health is presented, and connections between these variables and the career development process are explored.
The pedagogical benefits of using songs in the classroom have also already been extensively explored, especially by scholars in the field of TESOL (Murphey 1990; id.
This case study explored in detail the increased mission effectiveness that USAF F-15Cs employing data links achieved in comparison to F-15Cs using voice only communications.
As a kid, I played with dolls, explored the world through books and watched a lot of sports on TV.
Current topics having profound effects on business and technology will be explored.
Harry Frederick Harlow challenged that notion and explored the role of love in human relationships.
Traditional investigative techniques, such as photo and station line-ups, confessions, informant information, and forensic science examinations, are explored and scrutinized.
Of the 36 bilaterally explored patients, 30 had a solitary adenoma and no parathy raid pathology on the opposite side, five patients had hyperplastic glands with more than one gland involved, and one patient had two adenomas.
Several of the papers from the 1999 conference explored gender issues, and independent historian Wendy Edwards is working on an edited volume of these selected papers.
Washington, and Richard Wright are explored by Peter Carafiol; and Henry B.
Each customer will now access their own private account where internal data can be securely stored, managed and explored.
The client's quality world is explored to determine how he or she meets these needs.
DiMarco explored a student's strategy of reasoning additively about the problem.
If O'Hara had been content to pursue in Kentish sources the same issues that have already been explored for other dioceses, that alone would have been welcome.
Baptists in Latin America have had, surprisingly to many, a strong presence in this movement, which, until this issue, has not been explored in depth.