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He explained that this exploratory survey is part of the company's strategy
Discussion Through the process of literature review, instructional design, and exploratory survey analysis, it was shown that, as a rule, the students believed the assignments met their instructional purposes.
The membership of two international professional IT organizations, Society for Information Management (SIM) and the Association for Systems Management (ASM) participated in the exploratory survey round.
National human exposure assessment survey (NHEXAS): exploratory survey of exposure among population subgroups in EPA Region V.
This article presents a taxonomy of supply networks that was derived from more than three years of extensive empirical research into the creation and operation of successful interorganizational supply networks, involving an exploratory survey of supply networks, in-depth case studies, and a final survey across industry groups.
The study used descriptive statistics to analyze the data from the exploratory survey.
KUWAIT, Aug 10 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) announced on Monday the start of the three-dimensional exploratory survey project in Kuwait Bay near the city of Al-Jahra in cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation (BGP).
The exploratory survey confirmed that oil and gas have been generated in the basin, although the deposits found have been saturated with water and the hydrocarbons present are in very thin, non-exploitable layers.
The Cyprus News Agency report said that on November 13 two ships operating under a foreign flag were conducting an exploratory survey related to oil and gas when they were approached by a Turkish warship and told to cease operations and withdraw back to Cyprus` waters.
The study was based on a descriptive exploratory survey to examine U.
Submetering technology -- the deployment of advanced electrical meters and software to capture and track energy costs by process, business unit, or activity -- is spreading rapidly among America's largest businesses, according to a new exploratory survey conducted by RKS Research & Consulting.
ONGC has also increased expenditure on exploratory surveys by 55 per cent to Rs 5.
KUWAIT, Dec 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) announced on Thursday launching wide-scale exploratory surveys at Burgan field and Kuwait Bay noting they will also include some residential areas in the country.
Information about the new contract was not released, but I bet the government gave the French company everything it had asked for to stay here and continue with low-cost exploratory surveys, just so Lakkotrypis could say Total was still interested in Cyprus gas.