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surgical incision into the abdominal wall

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On exploratory laparotomy, there was an encapsulated, bosselated, irregular mass, 15x13x12 cm in size and with restricted mobility.
All the patients with this complication underwent exploratory laparotomy revealing accessory cholecystohepatic duct in 1 patient, accessory duct draining into left hepatic duct in the second patient and slippage of clip from cystic duct as the cause of bile leak in rest of the 2 patients.
After establishing diagnosis exploratory laparotomy was planned and informed written consent was taken from each patient.
Laparoscopy is less invasive and easier postoperative care and recovery than exploratory laparotomy.
The utility of sonography for the triage of blunt abdominal trauma patients to exploratory laparotomy.
As the scan also suggested intestinal ischaemia consistent with the patient's abdominal symptoms, exploratory laparotomy was performed and subtotal colectomy of the ascending colon was necessary because of ischaemia and necrosis.
In order to make the diagnosis clear, an exploratory laparotomy was arranged in the hospital.
Exploratory laparotomy findings were within normal limits.
After bowel injury is confirmed, exploratory laparotomy with excision of mesh and repair of bowel should be performed promptly.
0%) of them had exploratory laparotomy with various procedures like drainage of pelvic abscess 13(11.
Exploratory laparotomy with cholecystectomy is the treatment of choice.
The patient was submitted to exploratory laparotomy and a segmental small bowel resection was performed.
However, some patients according to the findings in the physical exploration and the presence of hemodynamic instability need to undergo exploratory laparotomy immediately and receive adequate treatment even without standard laboratory results.
Thus, signs of sudden discomfort around time of whelping should always be suspected for uterine torsion in dogs and an exploratory laparotomy is indicated to make a definitive diagnosis.
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