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Synonyms for explorative

serving in or intended for exploration or discovery


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Charlotte Jones, the head of the British Medical Association's General Practitioners Committee said that it was always believed that forgetting about safe sex would be the vulnerability of young people but because of the book, people over 50 tend to be more explorative and avoid condoms, New York Daily News reported.
She said: "When it comes to forgetting about safe sex we always think of the vulnerability of young people, but there's the Fifty Shades of Grey eect where older people are being more explorative, but not necessarily remembering to use a condom.
There have even been explorative talks about holding the final of the Women's Rugby World Cup in 2018 as the BRP looks to build a legacy following next year's global jamboree.
Transforming innovations in Africa; explorative studies on appropriation in African societies.
Work on drilling 21 prospective and explorative wells was completed in 2013, according to the state concern.
It's a succinct description but possibly doesn't do justice to this hugely ambitious and explorative work, the intense and immersive follow up.
A series of interviews with young, adventurous and explorative travelers -- ages 18-30 from around the world -- informed the report and the insightful conclusions about what these travelers want both now and in the future.
That work, on huge screens, imagined a Martian landscape littered with the mechanical detritus of many explorative trips to the red planet.
Jacob's packed off to a summer camp, where he meets his hairy pal, after which the pair of you embark on an endearing and enjoyable adventure, tackling a host of brainteasers that are But this is no bad thing, as quite a few of the puzzles add their own unique spin on the well-worn formula, sprinkled with explorative interactive scenes that But here, the cracking combination of engaging, colourful characters and taxing youngster-friendly puzzles has been seized upon by Jacob Jones and While it won't win any awards for innovation, Jacob Jones is a really good-looking entry to the adventure-puzzle genre, and future episodes will no doubt build on these firm yeti-filled foundations.
Thus, measuring willingness and experience with Kama Sutra sexual positions could serve as an indirect measure of some of the more positively valenced aspects of SSS, namely interest in new or novel experiences and explorative tendencies.
Konstantinidis said the fact that humans have explorative and inquisitive natures is an attribute which is responsible for both evolution and revolution during man's history.
Inspired by the IDM Electronic Music musicians he grew up with, especially Aphex Twin, along with many other Electronic Music artists he came to appreciate and cherish such as Squarepusher, Autechre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Burial, and Flying Lotus, nairboman makes music with an acknowledging, appreciative eye towards the past and an eager, explorative eye towards the future.
He pointed out that while this was an explorative visit, they see a great potential for green lighting technology business in the region in general and in particular Dubai which is expected to see 98 million passengers and over four million tonnes of air freight pass through its airports by 2020.
The explorative ramble through the ancient Arden countryside will be held on Saturday, May 5.
The decision to carry on the explorative exercise came after officials concluded there were "considerable opportunities to collaborate in terms of international activity as part of ongoing globalisation plans for the two universities".
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