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Synonyms for exploitive

tending to exploit or make use of

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The party accused that an exploitive group had been hatching conspiracy to occupy PMDC Sorrange mine adding that privatization of PMDC mine would not be allowed.
Whether it is negligence, ill-treatment or having children subject to exploitive materials are all forms of child abuse and are a breach of their rights for a healthy growing environment," he said.
These projects target exploitive child labour in agriculture, mining, quarrying, seafood and shrimp processing sectors.
And it was the two side's most experienced players, Danny Brough and Lee Briers, both making their comebacks after missing last year's European Cup, who controlled things with their dangerous and exploitive kicking games.
The Co-op also has policies for rejecting items whose packaging feature exploitive or oppressive imagery.
of exploitive labor," the President said in a statement released by the White
The tip alleged that an online user calling himself "mywebboys" had posted exploitive images of children on a Web site known as Photo bucket.
Her latest target of desire is Omar, and her exploitive nature continues until she maybe goes a bit too far.
As the author states, "There is a tendency to see Natives as exploited rather than as competitive or exploitive, a view that does not recognize the reality of economic and social relationships with neighbours.
Will capitalism ever change its exploitive and oppressive nature?
But on the negative side they are exploitive, deviant, calculative, and secretive.
A young woman named Psyche is an actress in her exploitive father's movies.
It's sad, not only for the environment on Prince Edward Island but for those far-away countries where aluminum is mined under exploitive conditions," Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk said.
Doing so unquestionably amounted to abusive and exploitive conduct and was a very serious breach of trust.
Expertly written by Wisconsin author Robert Noonan (who moved from Chicago, Illinois to Hatfield, Wisconsin to write his books), the 'Orphan Train Trilogy' is a set of three novels that, taken together or read separately, draw upon the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century phenomena of orphaned boys and girls from the eastern seaboard who were placed upon trains traveling west for exploitive foster home placements, menial factory jobs, and agricultural laborers.