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tending to exploit or make use of

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BEIRUT: When Rouhini first moved to Beirut 20 years ago to work as a house maid, she was isolated in a foreign country where circumstances for migrant workers remain extremely exploitive.
Baptist ties this exploitive relationship to what he terms (somewhat loosely) capitalism.
Native American and European scholars convened at the 2012 MESEA (Society for the Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and America) conference in Barcelona to discuss the ways in which this has been attempted and whether they were exploitive, informative, sustaining or entertaining.
The story is often graphically brutal and realistic, but it plays an essential part in the novel and can in no way be characterized as gratuitous or exploitive.
Riba is forbidden under sharia because it is thought to be exploitive.
Second, the legal grounds on which the new reproductive technologies will be implemented stand on notions of individual rights, enlightened self-interest, and contract law--all of which radical feminists see as extensions of an inherently exploitive capitalist system.
The plaintiff was employed under exploitive, inhumane and unfair conditions," said his former lawyer, Amit Sabag.
The study found that the chances were higher that the scene would be played for laughs; young female characters were likelier to be at the centre of sexually exploitive jokes than adult women, 43 percent as compared to 33 percent.
I don't know what frightens me more: that the CEO of a major international corporation would publically make a statement such as this, one that sound like it was torn from the pages of "Mein Kampf," or that HAPPI, a publication that I respect, would report it so casually and in such a matter-of-fact manner, and treat this exploitive lie unchallenged, as if it were absolute fact.
He challenges the assumption that this artist-animal relationship is necessarily an exploitive or else untrustworthy one.
Tired of exploitive capitalism, Steven has since dedicated his expertise to serving investors with their best interest in mind, first with his own company, and now to the benefit of Insiders Strategy Group subscribers.
THE footy merry-go-round has started turning again with the Premier League joining the carousel this weekend - legitimate protests by the people against a postmodernist, exploitive, oppressive state machinery for the furtherance of capitalist ideology and enrichment of the ruling classes permitting - that is.
Of course, trafficking also causes major human rights violations, given the physical and sexual violence associated with exploitive labor; and it has a particularly deleterious effect on women's rights and gender equality.
Whether it is negligence, ill-treatment or having children subject to exploitive materials are all forms of child abuse and are a breach of their rights for a healthy growing environment," he said.
These projects target exploitive child labour in agriculture, mining, quarrying, seafood and shrimp processing sectors.