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Synonyms for exploit

take advantage of

make the best use of


Synonyms for exploit

to take advantage of unfairly

to control to one's own advantage by artful or indirect means

Synonyms for exploit

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Amnesty is calling on Unites Nations and NATO and the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Kosovo to crack down on the trafficking rings and to protect victims of trafficking instead of exploiting or persecuting them.
In a co-publishing deal, a publisher will ask you to give up a percentage of ownership--usually around 50%--on the copyright on your song in exchange for paying you an advance, collecting your publishing royalties, registering your copyrights and exploiting your songs," he explains.
Exploiting this buffer overflow vulnerability in CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup versions 9.
PatchLink Corporation, the global leader in security patch and vulnerability management solutions, today issued a temporary third party patch and Knowledge Base Article 290 as an option for protecting networks against what's being called the worst Microsoft vulnerability in the last 18 months because of the rapidly spreading zero-day threats in the wild exploiting it before an official patch is available.
By exploiting the flaw, the attacker steals the log-on privileges of the user and can then use the machine to perform a denial-of-service attack or execute other malicious code remotely.
com/reports/c29094) has announced the addition of Exploiting Corporate Information Assets to their offering.
Attacks exploiting vulnerabilities like these are costing enterprises millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and business disruption, particularly when non-scheduled patching is required.
We are now tracking seven (7) Zotob permutations that are exploiting the PnP vulnerability.
PST, where he will provide a walkthrough on remotely exploiting Ring 0 vulnerabilities and overcoming the various obstacles that arise when attempting to exploit this class of vulnerability.
With many groups researching vulnerabilities in Bluetooth-enabled devices, the possibility of a worm or some other type of malicious code propagating by exploiting these vulnerabilities increases.
Amram noted that the tactic of exploiting wireless routers in home computers will allow spammers to shift from the somewhat challenging and illegal tactic of using zombies and open proxies.
To secure restricted data and transactions, the integration of the Teros Secure Application Gateway with Netegrity SiteMinder controls user access to protected HTML and XML applications and prevents authorized users from purposely or inadvertently exploiting application vulnerabilities.
Analyses the likely impact of PVRs on existing advertising business models and the required approach in exploiting their capabilities for advertising