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a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically


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With young adults enAAtering the labour force uneducated and unskilled or at best barely educated and barely skilled, one can easily imagine how many in this youth bulge will fall prey to the designs of exploiters.
During that time, the prosecution argued, the girl had been taken to exploiters in places as far as Kanyakumari, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kumarakom and Thiruvalla.
He added, "I also advise them to expose the abusers and exploiters of their goals and who have become a burden on our reputation (al-Sadr), adding that " the important thing I have is their reputation.
For one thing, it is not clear that economic exploitation depends on the base or pernicious motives of the exploiters: while it may be true that they all seek to gain an advantage, the fact that it comes at the cost of the exploited is, for many exploiters, a matter of indifference.
The presentation focuses on 18 groups of organisms, arranged in sections on exploiters and exploited (although the authors suggest this division is somewhat arbitrary and some could logically be put in either group).
You should take the first step for peace, security and stability of Egypt without giving any chance for exploiters, evil circles and those who have dark scenarios on Egypt," Erdogan said.
The more complacency and tolerance there is with regard to the sex industry in host cities, the more attractive it will be to organised gangs and exploiters," it said.
Pakhtuns are now politically conscious and have rejected their exploiters in the name of religion; Babak said.
This World asks whether anyone will save these children from their exploiters.
Celebrity exploiters TMZ and legitimate news sources like the Daily Breeze have jumped on the naked Jeremy Rogers roof story.
FIRST Exploiters, sorry I mean First Buses, changed the routes, numbers and removed some services from the Holme Valley buses in December to much furore.
Opening celebration have been attended by secretary of GPC, chiefs of councils of companies, managers of mediation companies and a lot of exploiters.
This poor girl has been tormented by paparazzi and bloodsucking exploiters of all kinds.
Volberda, 1996; Hedlund, 1994) have pointed out that explorers and exploiters often require very different types of organizational cultures, competencies, and structures.