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a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically


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Part of the interest of exploitation, as traditionally conceived, is that it can be wrongful and unintentional--at least, in the sense that it need not involve any animus on the part of the exploiter towards the exploited.
Slave exploiters often re-sell trafficked slaves to new exploiters.
Consistent with Knott's (2002) perspective, we conceptualize explorer and exploiter as independent constructs and have developed two four-item scales to measure individual's perceptions of the knowledge strategy constructs known as exploration and exploitation.
If a species is not an avoider, this does not predispose it to be an exploiter.
He obviously failed to see that Mickey Rourke's 9 1 /2 Weeks character was a seedy, self-obsessed exploiter of vulnerable Kim Basinger's need for love.
A group, evidently Italian, calling itself Black Angels, released a toolkit it called the Cisco Global Exploiter.
Les progres sur le plan technologique pourraient nous permettre de decouvrir qu'un ancien site contient toujours de la matiere a exploiter, ce qui nous permettra en fait de creer un nouveau corps mineralise plutot que d'explorer.
Bill Gates is a capitalist exploiter," the adolescent logician said loudly and slowly for the benefit of the dim old man in the room.
Peary, who is credited with being the first to reach the North Pole, is portrayed as a ruthless and disdainful exploiter of the Innuit people he purported to befriend.
As for inevitable comparisons between Fry and Oskar Schindler, Chetwynd points out that Schindler "was a war profiteer and exploiter of slave labour.
But in looking at this particular pair of sexual nincompoops, we don't really see an exploiter and his victim, or a temptress and her prey, or even two adults freely engaging in some mutually enjoyable hanky panky.
By its decision, the court implied that it would require that the exploiter be one who manages the funds of another as a fiduciary, or trustee, even though the statute reads "use |emphasis added~ or management of an aged person's.
This technology made its debut in the last five years and is already the largest single exploiter of geothermal energy.
beaucoup moins que] Les Etats membres et l'ensemble des parties prenantes examineront, a cette occasion, les possibilites qui s'offrent a la communaute internationale pour exploiter au mieux le dividende demographique a travers les opportunites d'emploi et de travail decent pour tous les jeunes [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute-t-on de meme source.