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tending to exploit or make use of

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113) Power is exercised exploitatively where it is instead used to advance the interests of the fiduciary or a third party.
The strategic geographical location of the Nuba Mountains region in the center of Sudan places it at odds with successive rulers of Sudan be they colonialists or nationalists: once the area was an impoverished 'Closed District', and, thereafter, it is not only deprived and awkward region, but and it is also exploitatively chastised by various interest groups in their competition for resources.
But while he effectively depicts the pernicious effects that capitalism has on the lives of average Americans, from exploitatively low wages to home foreclosures and mass layoffs, he also gives his critique a religious dimension by asserting that the capitalist system itself offends God and is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Psychopathy is a disorder in which people struggle to control their impulses, and behave manipulatively, aggressively, dishonestly or exploitatively towards others.
It is indicative not so much of a knowledge of the black life or of a desire to know it as of a need to project it exploitatively to make it known, to render it usably into a larger social imaginary.
Acceptable's conduct is arguably very different from that of a person who exploitatively surfs waves without working and relies on others' guarantee of basic income; who inconsiderately nurtures an expensive taste for which she asks society to cater; who impertinently tears up her welfare money, then demands more because her money is gone; or who recklessly refuses to insure her house against earthquake damage or to move when low-cost insurance is available and an impending earthquake is predictable for known geological reasons.