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Synonyms for exploitative

tending to exploit or make use of

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We cannot allow these exploitative contracts to be used as a means of cutting costs.
Love Productions and Channel 4 have served up yet another exploitative, heavily edited, hatchet job of a show.
This is about fraudulent and exploitative practices," he had added.
They stressed the need to forge unity among the ranks of Pashtoons to rid the exploitative system in the country.
We are particularly concerned that people will resort to exploitative high interest loan companies, and as a result their financial position will become even worse.
Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs has awarded a $13 million cooperative agreement to nongovernmental organization Desarrollo y Autogestion to combat exploitative child labor in Peru.
Researchers say that the biggest threat is exploitative fishing, though most reefs will be feeling the impact of climate change within 20 years.
This is an initiative for abolishing child labour, educating and protecting street children and children under exploitative situations.
The UAE reiterates that it considers the use of underage children for commercial camel racing to be exploitative.
This practice is considered exploitative by many international organizations and is illegal in many countries.
The second is under-age sex that is 'consensual' but could be regarded as abusive or exploitative, for example, a 15-year-old having sex with an 35-year-old for air time.
The significance of Robin's work is that it can also provide lessons to be learned in present-day Latin America, particularly in those countries (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and others) where in some way the exploitative system against the Indian communities persists.
Ms Jowell said she was taking complaints of misleading and exploitative phone-ins very seriously.
A journey into the Dirty South that's both unapologetically exploitative and genuinely sensitive, "Moan" tells the -- um, shall we say unusual?