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Synonyms for exploitation

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63) And in many cases with cyber attacks and cyber exploitations, the
2009 investigation into a series of Chinese cyber exploitations targeted
cyber exploitations can be equipped to carry out cyber attack.
cyber attacks, cyber attack and cyber exploitation are two distinct
Accordingly, this paper analyzes an important field of strategic technology planning in the context of open innovation, that is, the strategic planning of external technology exploitation.
External technology exploitation goes beyond the mere outward transfer of technology assets, which represents only the final stage of the external technology commercialization process.
In the firms that have adopted a strategic approach to technology planning in the context of open innovation, the planning of external technology exploitation constitutes the interface between the general corporate planning processes and the planning processes of external technology exploitation.
Therefore, the planning of external technology exploitation should be included in a firm's overall technology planning processes (7).
The investigation was launched in early 2014 after allegations that vulnerable girls and young women were being abused, and it has resulted in a catalogue of convictions for offences including rape and trafficking for sexual exploitation.
The inquiry forms part of Northumbria Police's Operation Sanctuary, an ongoing initiative aimed at tackling a wide range of exploitation issues.
As well as bringing 25 people before the courts, police and the local authority have also been carrying out 'disruption' activities in a bid to halt exploitation and keep victims safe.
The arrested accuseds were involved in extending loans in the shape of cash and kind on exorbitant rates and subsequent exploitation of the debtors.
The DPO further added that the district police will continue taking legal action against those involved in exploitation of citizens.
Whereas the rate of infection of the exploitations (1) and (4) is very weak.
The survey was limited to six exploitations and therefore gives only preliminary data one the distribution of the different aphid species.