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Synonyms for exploitation

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We can today reveal that the cabbies were taken off the roads following the launch of Operation Shelter, a probe into sex exploitation in Newcastle's West End.
The investigation was launched in early 2014 after allegations that vulnerable girls and young women were being abused, and it has resulted in a catalogue of convictions for offences including rape and trafficking for sexual exploitation.
The inquiry forms part of Northumbria Police's Operation Sanctuary, an ongoing initiative aimed at tackling a wide range of exploitation issues.
Owing to the non-implementation of West Pakistan Money Lenders Ordinance 1960 the practice of illegal lending of money and exploitation of debtors continues with impunity as large majority remain unaware of the said law and are thus reluctant to report their exploitation.
The arrested accuseds were involved in extending loans in the shape of cash and kind on exorbitant rates and subsequent exploitation of the debtors.
The DPO further added that the district police will continue taking legal action against those involved in exploitation of citizens.
CTV-like symptoms were observed in all exploitations of citrus fruit areas of Mitidja.
Whereas the rate of infection of the exploitations (1) and (4) is very weak.
The survey was limited to six exploitations and therefore gives only preliminary data one the distribution of the different aphid species.
this Note focuses on whether or not cyber exploitations can ever
and cyber exploitations, it is very difficult to actually apply LOAC and
Most industrial firms focused on utilizing technology assets internally, such as in new product development, the principal reason being the inefficiencies in technology markets, which made external technology exploitation much more difficult.
Despite these difficulties, the external exploitation of technology has become a broader trend in recent years, against the background of open innovation processes (2,3).
Return-into-libc is definitely a next-generation buffer overflow exploitation technique that requires advanced intrusion prevention and cannot be stopped by traditional protection methods.
space system software / earth observation payload data exploitation / data and information processing and exploitationspace system software / earth observation payload data exploitation / applications and servicesspace system software / earth observation payload data exploitation / information systems and user interfacesspace system software / earth observation payload data exploitation / core infrastructure and architectures