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Synonyms for exploitation

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cyber exploitation can ever be regarded as a threat or use of force
attack and cyber exploitation generally, explaining the differences
cyber attack and cyber exploitation when a nation engages in or defends
Section V analyzes whether cyber exploitation, under current
that cyber exploitation, by itself, likely cannot constitute a threat or
cyber exploitation should be treated differently than traditional
Ultimately, this Note concludes that because cyber exploitation is so
different from traditional espionage, cyber exploitation should be able
To my knowledge, no attempts have been made in earlier research to consider external technology exploitation in corporate roadmapping processes (8).
It shows relevant technologies (T1-T5); their internal exploitation (I1-I5), that is, product applications; and their external exploitation (E1-E4), that is, external technology commercialization projects.
This integrated roadmap, which includes the external exploitation of technology, is now used in the regular strategic planning processes of this business unit, and the firm plans to apply it in other business units.
An example of the more effective technology exploitation is the identification of licensing opportunities for residual technology assets, which has been integrated into the business unit's intellectual property management process.
These roadmaps underline the importance of external technology exploitation in corporate strategic planning in open innovation systems.
If external technology exploitation is an integral part of corporate strategy, the identification of technology commercialization opportunities ideally does not consider only technological knowledge that has already been developed and is used or not inside the company, but it takes external technology exploitation into account in all major decisions concerning technology acquisition.
Thus, external technology exploitation should already be taken into account in decisions on increasing particular technological competencies and in the make-or-buy decisions when developing these technologies.