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Synonyms for exploitation

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Because these cases involve the commercial sexual exploitation of children (more commonly referred to as child prostitution), they often have negative consequences for the victims because of the stigma attached to prostitution in general.
They want the Canadian government to advance child protection in a more meaningful way and to take a firm stand against child sexual exploitation at home and abroad.
Nonetheless, he proceeds to assert that arsenokoites had a more specific meaning in Greco-Roman culture than we can be aware of and that "it seems to have referred to some kind of economic exploitation by means of sex, perhaps but not necessarily homosexual sex.
After a joint investigation involving multiple police agencies and the FBI, Kasey and Stephen Stinson were charged with sexual exploitation.
Michael Blackstone, a contracts specialist in DARPA's Contracts Management Office, received the DARPA Award for Sustained Excellence by a Government Agent for his support to the CPOF program and program managers in DARPA's Information Exploitation Office.
Brazil pledges to eliminate sexual exploitation of children: new government reveals its plans to abolish sexual exploitation of children within one year.
Shameless Exploitation picks up an engaging momentum as the authors listen to and then ignore all the expert marketing and business management advice they receive from the "experts" on their way to becoming the first company to place all-natural foods in supermarkets.
They hold hands and make eyes at each other while watching a jitterbug contest, a torch singer, and a teenage acrobatic act-all the usual padding found in exploitation films of the period.
A touching poem by Laureen Mar, stories about child labor in India and Thailand, a report on "food democracy" in India, and the commercialization of Ladakh, in India's Himalayan north, are further proof that Asia is included in the global trend toward corporate exploitation.
Ikue Tanaka, 18, a first-year student at Keio University, and Yoshiko Sawano, 16, a third-year high-school student at Sacred Heart School in Tokyo, made the appeal at a special forum on sexual exploitation of children held on the sidelines of the three-day U.
Santiago Sierra also aims to underscore the modern worker's plight in "performances" whose execution threatens to veer into exploitation.
The World Council of Churches (WCC), along with Action by Churches Together (ACT) International and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) are sending an ecumenical team to West Africa to investigate allegations of the sexual exploitation of children by, among others, international aid workers.
A shocking report jointly issued on February 26th by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Save The Children detailed evidence of widespread sexual exploitation of children at refugee camps in West Africa.
The exploitation of children was also common practice in the United States.
About 3,300 delegates from 138 countries and 21 international organizations began a four-day conference in Yokohama on Monday to map out a global strategy against the sexual exploitation of children.