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easily imposed on or tricked

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Citing its sources, daily Politis reports that latest data available to the Americans have shown that two other earmarked targets within block 12 do not hold commercially exploitable gas reserves.
The other four drilling operations have so far failed to locate commercially exploitable gas fields.
It is almost universally taken for granted that it will save us from freezing in the dark for a long time, when oil and gas are no longer economically exploitable.
In co-development CLAs, no realization event occurs upon entry into the arrangement because one cannot ascertain whether a commercially exploitable product will result, thereby making the amount of any income indeterminable with reasonable accuracy.
The religious right has grown bolder in presenting its message, some say, since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the aftermath of which has revealed an exploitable vulnerability in the national consciousness: fear.
Abstract--The objective of this study was to investigate the spatial patterns in green sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) density off the coast of Maine, using data from a fishery-independent survey program, to estimate the exploitable biomass of this species.
The basics for protecting oneself from attack are presented in plain terms that even the technologically clueless can quickly grasp, and special attention is given to the exploitable flaws in Microsoft Windows and the Outlook email program.
An Exploitable Mutation: Defect might make some lung cancers treatable" (SN: 9/11/04, p.
Experts say there are up to 3,000 hacking programs running over the Internet at all times looking for exploitable openings.
Coherent preferences are not exploitable, if they endure.
This vulnerability is exploitable on all non-patched Windows installations that are common these days.
For example, on March 3, 2003, a remotely exploitable vulnerability was discovered in Sendmail, a widely deployed email server.
API, with resources in place of 190 bn tons, more than 40 of which are already considered as technically exploitable.
Ultra-deep fields in the region are yet to be fully explored, but geologists believe there could be a series of exploitable oil reservoirs running between the Congo River mouth and the Cuanza Basin in northern Angola.
The capital that was "created" was the untapped, readily exploitable natural wealth of a continent whose previous "owners" were subdued by military force.