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easily imposed on or tricked

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Equally troubling is that the number of Java SE flaws remotely exploitable without credentials remains in the double digits after years of single digit risk.
The amount of gas that makes a play commercially exploitable is not set in stone, but varies depending on factors like the distance from the shore or the nearest infrastructure.
The deposit remains open at depth, and of particular importance is hole V-08-10, drilled in the gap between existing resources, which demonstrates the potential presence of a volume of rock comparable in size to the existing open pit exploitable resource.
The basics for protecting oneself from attack are presented in plain terms that even the technologically clueless can quickly grasp, and special attention is given to the exploitable flaws in Microsoft Windows and the Outlook email program.
An Exploitable Mutation: Defect might make some lung cancers treatable" (SN: 9/11/04, p.
Experts say there are up to 3,000 hacking programs running over the Internet at all times looking for exploitable openings.
Coherent preferences are not exploitable, if they endure.
This vulnerability is exploitable on all non-patched Windows installations that are common these days.
For example, on March 3, 2003, a remotely exploitable vulnerability was discovered in Sendmail, a widely deployed email server.
API, with resources in place of 190 bn tons, more than 40 of which are already considered as technically exploitable.
Ultra-deep fields in the region are yet to be fully explored, but geologists believe there could be a series of exploitable oil reservoirs running between the Congo River mouth and the Cuanza Basin in northern Angola.
Or perhaps you are holding back on other potentially exploitable sources of oil--an overactive sebaceous gland, for example, or your spouse's version of hash brown potatoes?
Once desirable customer segments are identified, an effective, cross-organizational data warehouse, decision-support systems and other sophisticated analytical and computational techniques can uncover complex data patterns that might be exploitable.
Large pools of available capital, the ego and greed of financiers, and the public's notorious, exploitable lack of concern and understanding of high finance (public and private) add up to a potent recipe.
The issue may also transform a certain type of common software bug into exploitable vulnerabilities.