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Synonyms for exploit

take advantage of

make the best use of


Synonyms for exploit

to take advantage of unfairly

to control to one's own advantage by artful or indirect means

Synonyms for exploit

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Meanwhile, threats of detention and deportation maintain the enforced inclusion of non-status immigrants through conditions of exploitability and the disposability.
First, some LETers believe that the degree of exploitability is quite low; thus, the views need not be that far apart.
But as preferences need not endure, exploitability is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for irrationality.
Their sexual history in the United States has been marked by violence and censure, just as their bodies have been perceived largely through the lens of physicality, virility, strength and sexual prowess or exploitability.
This strategy forced the Keynesians to acknowledge that there were limits on the exploitability of the Philips curve.
Either the IWA set out to build solidarity with its female members by pushing for wage parity, and ignorantly underestimated the extent to which women were valued for their enhanced exploitability.
They note that "in a variety of situations, altruism entails exploitability, and therefore causes family members to behave in ways that leave all parties worse off" (p.
Second new module, "On-Demand Exploitation", allows users to prove exploitability of discovered network and web application vulnerabilities in a controlled environment.
An industrial advisory committee will be integrated into the project in order to maximise exploitability of the project results.
61) Rusche does not argue that punishment once again becomes "irrational" in these conditions, which no longer allow for the exploitability of coerced labor.
This is crucial when determining exploitability, modeling attack space, and performing vulnerability analysis.
Microsoft also changed its Exploitability Index, the guide it uses to provide customers information on how likely a vulnerability is of being exploited.
From a resource-based perspective, captive offshoring permits the development of sustainable, competitive advantages by adding resources and capabilities that fulfill the four criteria specified by Barney (2002): Value, rarity, difficulty to imitate and exploitability by the organization.
In this research, oil shale samples from Seyitomer, Himmetoglu and Hatildag fields were used owing to their high grades, reserves and exploitability.