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clarity as a consequence of being explicit

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While both treatments included direct and strategic instruction in phonemic awareness/analysis, decoding, and fluency, they varied in the degree of explicitness in the comprehension strategy instruction used.
Along with these top sellers, Shed Campbell has scored big with a series of raw and raunchy relationship novels, all with a sexual explicitness rarely seen in American commercial fiction.
Until they are raised to explicitness - as Hunt has sought to raise anxiety explanations - too much is assumed.
Best known for chronicling the gay sexual underworld, he has sometimes been underestimated as an artist because of the sexual explicitness of his material.
But this observation isn't meant as a criticism; on the contrary, it is an indicator of Saper's success, since explicitness and clearly delineated boundaries are not cherished attributes of the practice that Saper promotes.
And indeed, for Laura Riding, Rational Meaning is the continuation of the linguistic project she initially conceived through poetry: "The poetic course became for me more and more, as I dedicated to it my faith in the good significance of the human existence, and my powers, a course in which to unite, with all my virtue of comprehensive, personally general, sincerity of dedication, the intellectual, the moral, the spiritual trails of the journey to truth - to the plane of utterance on which human speaking spoke the language of being with a full, universal explicitness of sense" (CP, 5).
What is the effect of the sexual explicitness of your work?
its sexual explicitness undermines the rights and work of [conscientious] parents .
They point to cultural and legal setbacks on such issues as abortion, physician-assisted suicide, homosexuality and same-sex marriages, divorce, sexual explicitness in the media, and the mockery of religious institutions and their representatives by the media and the entertainment industry.
He also treats the greater sexual explicitness of the later letters, as well as Henry's hypochondria and egoism.
Royalties and credits have always ridden alongside the controversies over the explicitness of rap, but in a more muted "high legal" discourse which seeks to curtail hip hop artists' use of the sampler.
Sex in the Shipman's Tale similarly provides contexts which modernizers handle with varying degrees of explicitness and innuendo.
As always in Ray's work, but in the figures with a new explicitness, the viewer is invited to reflect on the host of specific decisions that went into the finished sculpture: in Sleeping Woman, for example, the decisions as to exactly how to treat her hair and her sneakers, two elements that called for a greater degree of stylization than did any others; or, less obviously, precisely what degree of exactitude would best suit the detail of the top of her underwear, which becomes visible above the waist of her sweatpants at the rear of the piece.
But because Nadas is bent on plumbing the depths of his themes, and because more than ever eros is his perennial subject, we don't miss the languor, and don't mind the close scrutiny, the explicitness, the objectivity.
Khan's complaint, it was the explicitness of Abercrombie & Fitch's discriminatory demands which concerned us.