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Doctoral programs housed in Christian institutions appeal to this need, but the argument begs the question as to whether explicitly Christian programs actually train students to deal with religious and spiritual diversity, per se, or to deal with committed Christian clients.
Implicitly Out and Explicitly Out provide evidence of convergent
This special issue on clinical training in explicitly Christian doctoral programs follows a similar format.
Summary: The National Audio-Visual Council slammed television stations Wednesday for explicitly expressing political stances in their news bulletins.
The major problem with Patterson's thought-provoking study is that it fails to take into account those very works of Emerson which explicitly address the issues in question here, namely, his antislavery writings.
Wilson gives almost equal weight to a second avowedly political argument, namely how such a coalition could explicitly champion "race-based affirmative action programs" without such goals "becoming racially divisive.
If people were to apply the value-achievement meaning of New Year's Day explicitly and consistently 365 days each year, they would be happier.
Finally, Steinmetz describes and analyses five groups (or, more properly, since individuals move among groups, five "Ideal Types"): AIM (the American Indian Movement -- a militant group active on Pine Ridge for many years); Ecumenists I (a name invented by Steinmetz for people who compartmentalize their Christian and Traditional beliefs and practices); Ecumenists II (who hold that Christianity fulfills traditional Lakota religion); Cross Fire Native American Church (explicitly Christian in i ts forms of worship); Half Moon Native American Church (not explicitly Christian); and The Body of Christ (a fundamentalist group).
Many selectors have learned to rely explicitly on thirty day trials, examination copies, and interlibrary loans for this purpose.
Especially repellent to those with such a mindset has been an emphasis on leisure time, modes of personal pleasure, community celebrations, and other activities explicitly valued more highly than material economic gain.
Another group, the California-based American Patrol, appears to put out an explicitly anti-Mexican message.
2](0,x)) is studied by explicitly constructing a Green's function solution.
Visibly silent, she is explicitly encountering the mystery of being human.
The court noted that the parole board possessed the authority to revoke the good time credits under a statute in effect before the prisoner committed his offenses, even though the Board may have relied on a subsequently-enacted statute that more explicitly granted the same authority.
The short answer is that Blaine amendments are provisions in state constitutions that explicitly bar tax assistance to religious schools.