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in an explicit manner


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This is explicitly the case with Mach's "Analysis of Sensations," a book of fundamental importance in the present connection.
Crupp must have been a woman of penetration; for when this attachment was but a few weeks old, and I had not had the courage to write more explicitly even to Agnes, than that I had been to Mr.
At the end of six months - the seed always falling on good ground - Mulcahy spoke almost explicitly, hinting darkly in the approved fashion at dread powers behind him, and advising nothing more nor less than mutiny.
So we fed at home, Vixen on one side, and the stranger-dog on the other; she watching his every mouthful, and saying explicitly what she thought of his table manners, which were much better than hers.
This time Lady Janet answered, as readily and as explicitly as it was possible to desire.
The appeals court held that the arresting officer was not entitled to qualified immunity because the warrant under which he brought the arrestee to jail explicitly directed that it was to be executed by bringing the defendant immediately before a sitting judge.
This, he says, is "the most natural statement of what the authors of the Eighth Amendment intended to say," and never mind that several clauses of the Bill of Rights explicitly contemplate the death penalty.
Therefore, employers should review their employee benefit plans to ensure the plan language explicitly excludes the classes of workers the employer intends to exclude (to the extent consistent with the plan's tax-qualified status).
The need for judgment and common sense is stressed in the guidelines, which explicitly direct school officials to take account of the students' age and maturity.
Hebdige positions this characteristic as explicitly African American and Afro-Caribbean, and complains that the quality "is often cited by critics in a spirit of censure" (14).
An openly queer foe of militarism may be a person of no account, but in the second paragraph of his own article, Miletich explicitly informed readers that he is a critic of the military ban on gays "from the straight side," that he has "never been intimate with another man," and that he spent three years in the US.
Notwithstanding this selective application, inclusion of cost effectiveness is significant in that HCFA becomes the first major third-party payer to explicitly state that cost effrectiveness in an integral component of its coverage decision-making process.
In one form or another, the phrase appears both explicitly and implicitly in these gospel pericopes.
Even in the case of the explicitly didactic works contributed by (art)n, a collaborative group of artists and scientists, lucidity became dangerously inextricable from publicity for a drug (currently in clinical trials) that explicitly prompted their participation.
6015(b) and (c), because both sections explicitly require that a joint return be filed for relief to be granted.