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Synonyms for explicit

Synonyms for explicit

Synonyms for explicit

precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable

in accordance with fact or the primary meaning of a term


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He wishes to confine membership in it to those who are capable of that pursuit in the highest and most explicit manner.
I'll make it explicit enough, confound him," father declared, and departed for the bank to get the stock in question from his safe- deposit box.
We can be just as explicit, and much more interesting, by referring to the future.
Finding there was a lady in the case, Mr Tappertit haughtily requested his fair friend to be more explicit, and demanded to know what she meant by 'her.
Oliver, quite elated and honoured by a sense of his importance, faithfully promised to be secret and explicit in his communications.
That Authority had furnished a very explicit answer to persons who might inquire where their social duties began, and might be inclined to take wide views as to the starting-point.
The IRS said that the lack of "clear, explicit and express direction" concerning the tax consequence made the payments alimony.
NEW and tougher offences to strengthen the protection of children from exposure to sexually explicit videos have been backed by Home Office minister Mike O'Brien.
while health care is delivered on an individual basis; (3) there is no standard methodology for cost-effective analysis; (4) there is no explicit cut-off between cost-effective and cost-ineffective; and (5) cost-effectiveness analyses are not time sensitive.
5) Its exposition of how survey research can be turned to questions of social structure is almost as explicit, and almost as enlightening, as its exposition of contemporary Marxism.
That would presumably involve making the implicit accrued unfunded liability of the current social security system to beneficiaries explicit.
Could such explicit allocation override the procedure described in Rev.
Only one picture in this show, in fact, made explicit reference to the "black other.
Kihlstrom and other researchers typically chart unconscious influences by contrasting explicit and implicit forms of memory and perception.