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See Schmitt, supra note 129, at 377 ("To the extent that the term 'violence' is explicative, it must be considered in the sense of violent consequences rather than violent acts.
On one hand, there are those translator's notes that function as a supplement to the text and have an explicative and informative function, and on the other hand, there are those which act as a commentary and have a discursive or performative function.
Johnson has been particularly notable for adapting the myths of Japanese folklore, and her other stories seem to share some of the fairy-tale logic which allows for the unexplainable without necessarily providing explicative frameworks.
My argument is that Johnson utilizes Uncle Tom's Cabin not simply for the sake of irony, but also for its explicative force.
The universal does not correspond, Platonically, to a reality subsisting in itself, nor does it represent, nominalistically, the content of an empirical schematism or a mere explicative hypothesis.
The council secretary laid before the fathers a "Preliminary Explicative Note," Nota Explicativa Praevia, originating in "higher authority"--by his own words.
Through its auto-regulation systems, the plant, restricts its LAI, which is frequently presented as a parabola or something similar in the explicative texts.
This is because learning strategies are one of the most powerful explicative constructs of students' learning processes.
Once the act is implemented, traffic- related offences by NMVs such as driving in the wrong lane, jumping a signal, not following traffic rules, drink driving and using explicative language while riding on the road will be liable for prosecution.
When I was in Scrutable and when I was in Explicative things there were very puzzling.
However, this dimension seems to permit a development of explicative theory of behavior in decision making.
When ideas are considered as independent variables, the analysis is likely to be more descriptive than explicative.