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The response variables ("YIELD") were correlated with the explicative variables ("Plant", "Cladodes" and "ET"), through the Pearson's correlation matrix (Cunha et al.
Explicative paraphrase includes various reformulation procedures, all of which assume that semantic equivalence depends on context and so cannot be explained independently of context.
L'ancien greffier du Senat et greffier des Parlements souligne que la chambre haute elue dont disposait le Centre du Canada d'avant la Confederation est une note explicative fondamentale qui tombe souvent dans l'oubli dans l'historiographie du regime parlementaire.
Part ii, "Yemoja's Aesthetics: Creative Expression in Diaspora," opens with Micaela Diaz-Sanchez's essay performing imagistic readings of Juana Alicia's work, followed by Arturo Lindsay's explicative elaborations on his installations and mixed media productions.
This research has a quantitative approach and the design was protective, quasi-experimental, with explicative scope; an educational strategy was used to intervene from a constructivist perspective, using the case-analysis method, which also implies using the Nursing care process to observe resulting effects in the conceptual learning of nursing students, which as indicated previously, is defined as the "capacity to interpret the physical world by using concepts, models, and theories of science".
Quand on regarde l'histoire de la critique litteraire en Europe, on s'apercoit qu'au 19e siecle, la critique litteraire etait explicative pour une raison simple.
The produced visual deliverables will be mostly educative, explicative, friendly and accessible to a large audience including government representatives, (national and local), civil society and private sector members and the Public at large and will be mostly distributed via TV partners and social media.
Principe 7: Chaque fois que c'est pertinent, donner au texte introductif une forme explicative plutot que simplement affirmative
Sous l'egide de la theorie de cet auteur, la sociologie produit la connaissance explicative de la vie sociale en creant une representation de celle-ci sous les traits de cette geometrie sociale.
The present day analyses showed that modern societies embody in what Mircea Eliade called images-forces, which give shape to a bundle of visions and suggests an explicative, dynamic and global perception of a problematic situation: Progress, Race, car, and also Nature, Revolution, People, the town etc.
Unlike many journalism books of the last decade with their graphic- and photo-heavy layouts, Working the Story, with its focus on explicative text, feels almost nostalgic for the journalism of a bygone era while simultaneously offering step-by-step instructions for today's print and online news reporters and public relations writers.
The idea of this Mexican researcher, specialized in Latin-American studies, is to consider a larger number of explicative elements concerning such Muslim presence, and to analyze specific situations.
To explain the explicative variables' explanatory power, the adjusted determination coefficient (Adjusted R2) will be used, t-statistic to assess the significance of variables, and F-statistic to evaluate the overall adequacy of the model.
The explicative variables are personally known other entrepreneurs in the past two years.