explication de texte

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a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaning

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By his own admission McCaw is unabashedly old-fashioned in his approach: "a commentary-style explication de texte.
Line by line and incident by incident in what is virtually an explication de texte, Gamier studies the story of Theophile's fall and his redemption with the help of the Virgin Mary.
Chapter 5, Hunt's explication de texte of Sade's La philosophie dans le boudoir argues that the author has taken the new republican family romance to its logical erotic conclusions in his creation of an imaginative world with no fathers, homosexual brothers, public women, and children with no parents but the state.
Surely any explication de texte of Ashbery's verse is a fool's errand, since his poems are (as the title of one collection, "Flow Chart," implies) the result of a creative mind processing its slipstream of everyday perceptions and imagistic analogies arising from the subconscious.
She eschews anything that resembles explication de texte and instead relies upon the prosecutorial-conspiratorial musings of Semyon Reznik.
Achsah Guibbory's important essay on Hesperides stands out here, because, while it certainly employs close formal analysis, its critical methodology is not explication de texte but historicism: she changes our view of Herrick by expertly locating the politics of his use of the Hebrew Bible within the religious controversies of the 1640s.