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Synonyms for explicandum

(logic) a statement of something (a fact or thing or expression) to be explained

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This manoeuvre of attaching matter immediately to the intellect, which surely is of great help for Plotinus in reducing the antagonism of Greek thought, draws on developing another trait of the metaphysics of Aristotle: the latter had spoken not only about intelligible matter (Metaphysics 1037a1-5) but had also conceived the relation between matter and form as a kind of shifting intellectual rapport between explicandum and explicans (things situated on the lower existential position relate to the ones on the higher location as matter to form, i.
1834-1918) summarizes the tradition: "Discrepant autem scriptores, si explicandum est, utrum liceat directe velle necem aggressoris, an opporteat sistere in indirecta illius necis volitione.
According to Ernest Nagel, one of the requirements for claiming a causation is that the relationship between explicans and explicandum should be invariable.
explicandum est, quid sit ens per se, et per accidens, sic enim etiam ens dividitur ab eodem Aristot.
Forms of environmentalism abound, and often the text recognizes that--as in Hume's treatment of government and citizen or British fretting about the primitive Irish--explicans and explicandum can readily change places.