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Synonyms for explicable

Synonyms for explicable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Antonyms for explicable

capable of being explicated or accounted for

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The Sky Blues carried off where they left off after the break when they were denied what looked to be a stone wall penalty when De Vries fumbled a cross as he was challenged by Carl Baker and Jutkiewicz but pulled the former to the ground with everyone in the Arena expecting referee Keith Stroud to point to the spot, only to in explicably wave play on.
1) For example, although Sam Slote is mentioned in the introduction as an important example of a Joycean critic directly engaging with Derrida, his work is--in explicably, it seems to me--nowhere cited or discussed.
The film roughness is smaller than the base material roughness, explicably by plastic spread of the plastic material particles gripped in the asperities.
The car rounded the curve into view then inexplicably, or perhaps explicably, drifted off into the ditch.
My friend, known explicably to his close circle as WFC - even though those are not his initials - has a career in human healthcare management and his specialist subjects are satellite telly and giving up chocolate for Lent.