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Synonyms for explicable

Synonyms for explicable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Antonyms for explicable

capable of being explicated or accounted for

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David Iles, defending, said: 'What he did was neither explicable or rational.
But whatever good will ``Suicide Kings'' builds up is lost late in the game, when a character discovers the whereabouts of others through no explicable means (an utter no-no in this kind of mystery thriller).
In discussing the Apology, Cropsey implies that there was something inordinate in Socrates' efforts to improve his fellow citizens, not explicable by any rational calculation of his own good, but only by "an innate inclination toward right and good .
Are they explicable by the style of play of his current team - that is to say, would you normally associate those stats with this style of play?
Even less explicable is the decision to move responsibility for rail passenger safety (but not workers' safety) from the Health and Safety Executive to the Office of Rail Regulation.
Chippo's miss from seven yards with the goalkeeper helpless on the ground was less explicable and, had Grimsby been capable of staging a late rally, could have been expensive rather than merely embarrassing.
Asked about disclosures on Wednesday that young White House interns had access to the FBI files, McCurry said, ``There is no explicable explanation.
And it doesn't help to say these paintings refuse to represent the concrete or the explicable.
It finally struck me that the event was only explicable as an epiphany of Welsh rugby, a mystical showing forth of a nation's sporting ethos and national ambition.
Therefore, much of the evening seemed thin which was probably explicable because of the reasons I've already mentioned.
The FA Cup certainly seems to offer some encouragement to the idea that home advantage is explicable - at least partly, if not wholly - by the proportion of people in the ground who are supporting the home team.
But on this morning he behaved in a way which you may think is only explicable by the history of what had happened; because he loved his wife he lost his self control because of what she said.
Perhaps it was the difficulty of finding an easily explicable tax formula to cover these various brackets which prompted Michael Portillo and William Hague to unveil a tax cut this week which applied to less than one in five of families.
Supt John Hale, who is heading the search for Jodi, six, and four-year- old Tom, said: "The circumstances might be perfectly explicable.