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Synonyms for explanatory

Synonyms for explanatory

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serving or intended to explain or make clear

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Evolutionary biology provides a view of living matter considered temporally at the level of explanatorily adequate natural causality, which requires attention to microscopic events on the genetic scale.
2) Reference to a thing's nature is not explanatorily basic; talk of nature can be understood in terms of Aristotle's more fundamental theory of dunameis or causal powers (Metaphysics [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
5) Although this general notion of a paradigm has been criticised for being too broad and, thus, explanatorily feeble, this is the sense in which the concept of a paradigm has come to be widely understood.
13) The priority of our ethically loaded practices themselves can be emphasized by clearly distinguishing a pragmatic form of moral realism from stronger realisms that postulate, in some metaphysical or quasi-scientific manner, moral facts or explanatorily relevant moral properties in the world.
Neurophysiological and other bodily processes participate directly in social semiosis; they do not cause it,just as the latter is not explanatorily reducible to the former [Bhaskar, 1979, pp.
In the sciences that study complex systems, successful accommodation of inferential and explanatory practices to relevant causal structures often requires that we refer to families of properties, such that: 1) they tend (imperfectly) to co-occur in nature; 2) their co-occurrence is explained by inductively and explanatorily important mechanisms that (imperfectly) establish a sort of "homeostasis" between them; and 3) the homeostatic unity they (imperfectly) display is a causally and explanatorily important factor in the complex systems we study.
The causal-functional approach seeks to show that the function of attaining economic efficiency is explanatorily important not because it figures in the self-understanding of those who engage in the practice of tort law, (21) but rather because it figures in a causal account of why the practice exists and takes the shape that it does.
First, a research program should be specified by a particular incarnation to be descriptively accurate, empirically testable and explanatorily powerful.
57) Thus, an explanatorily more thorough methodological approach may be one that is significantly more contextual, (58) historically sensitive, localized and diversified.
Most notably, postulating such plasticity and, indeed, making this quality explanatorily central, shifts us from attempting to explain the apparent flexibility of knowledge to needing to explain the apparent stability of knowledge.
The complete and self-imposed analytical exclusion of women from Ridley's account when posing co-operation as a species problematic is hardly explanatorily, much less epistemologically, adequate, yet Ridley does not actually notice their absence.
Her Indoors suggests we go to Football Football, the self- explanatorily themed restaurant, to check out the Jonathan Pearce Screamathon that was the Poland game.
These supervenience theses tell us something about justification, but little about four important issues: (i) what one's evidence is, (ii) how one's evidence must be related to one's beliefs in order to justify it, (iii) what it takes for one's beliefs to be well-founded, and (iv) whether facts about evidence are explanatorily prior to facts about justification.
Objective moral assessment is explanatorily prior to subjective moral assessment.
Instead, grief is a kind of process; more specifically, it is a complex pattern of activity and passivity, inner and outer, which unfolds over time, and the unfolding pattern over time is explanatorily prior to what is the case at any particular time.