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The metatext of infinity inherited by the Renaissance from the Middle Ages had forced an emergence of respective explanative space regulating the epistemics of the age.
7--Reverse analysis of amenities as explanative factors of HC growth
While these paradigms certainly provided insight and a deeper understanding of each of these independent variables, they had limited descriptive, explanative, and predictive value.
The explanative models created by historians either seek to "relate human reality as social fact" (Ricoeur 2004, 183) or to emphasize change and "the differences or intervals affecting such change" (Ricoeur 2004, 183) over time.
By comparing the explanative power of each self-regulation pattern, it can be seen that the adjusted [R.
For this purpose, the explanative potential which the phenomenological legacy in institutionalism offers is utilized.
There are different types of reductionism; explanative, ontological, eliminative, logical, descriptive, etc.
The explanative work is the Sogno, or Dream (possibly of Tommaso) so named by Vasari himself, in which a youth is roused from visions of carnality and violence by the trumpet of Fame (Courtauld Institute).
Based on that we will be able to compare them, to evaluate their respective explanative power, and finally to answer that question.
The explanative theory will be unhelpful in predicting individual circumstances where behavior appears irrational.
With the risk of looking pedant, we repeat that by the economic process modelling we understand the most general and abstract possible explanative description (theory, paradigm, conjecture) of this process.
It is an explanative study with two broad objectives (a) to analyse the students' understanding of number sentences, particularly of the equal sign, and its evolution, and (b) to study the use and development of relational thinking that students display when being asked to determine the validity of addition and subtraction number sentences (Molina, 2006).
The plan of actions at the European Committee level, first of all, takes into consideration the elaboration of a Guide concerning the principle of mutual recognition in the area of industrial products and of an explanative brochure for the application of Decision no 3052/95 regarding the derogatory measures from the principle of free turnover.