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(logic) statements that explain the explicandum

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He dismisses normative beliefs as explanans on the grounds that sometimes we feel alienated from our actions despite normative beliefs being in place and supporting them (190-91).
Does it not follow, then, that it is when thought, heedless of the fact that the explanans belongs to thought and not the other way round and definitely not to its outside, strives to reduce the web of thought into the single, absolute, ahistorical ground that the explanans is taken to be, that the paradoxes and difficulties typical of the pursuit of a "what is x?
To reverse explanans into explanandum, contemporary racism and xenophobia are themselves characterized by an increasing skill at staging Skrikers in the world around us, monstrous "others" with a horrifying capacity for shapeshifting.
Notice that there are two ostensible entities under discussion here: the person, as that of whose persistence we require an explanation, and the self, as a possible ingredient in the explanans (one that is rejected by Buddhists).
All functional explanations, it turns out, have the suspicious feature that the explanandum (the thing to be explained) is temporally prior to the explanans (that which does the explaining).
For authors like David Bloor, Barry Barnes and Steve Shapin, it became clear that the a priori selection of a social or scientific explanans was no longer tenable (Bloor 1976).
This is thus a challenge for future work by linguists like Geurts who are unhappy with an extravagance-based account (although I hope that some of the arguments I have given here will perhaps persuade them that there is really nothing wrong with extravagance as an explanans of grammaticalization).
For whereas traditional Christian social theory envisages society as an organism, Enlightenment social theory--in which political economy is an explanans and market order an explanandum--views society as a habitat.
In that way the industrial policy work has not been based on a qualitative micro sociological understanding of the industrial organization, because the explanans (with what we explain) has just been a replication of the explanandum (what we seek to explain).
Backward induction from the explanandum to the explanans, the preferred method of Adams and Iqbal, does not constitute proof of the explanandum.
With respect to the question from where empirical evidence p derives, we are able to affirm that a fact is explained under the profile of the science when the assertion that describes it (the explanandum) is deduced from an explanans constituted by initial conditions or causes covered by universal laws.
In answer to the first objection it is argued that Collingwood endorses a form of nonpsychologizing internalism which rests on the view that the appropriate explanans for actions are neither empirical facts (as externalists claim) nor psychological facts (as some internalists claim), but propositional facts.
Dancy's task thus is to defend the propriety of "non-factive" explanations, that is, explanations in which the explanans is not the case.
On the one hand, we cannot determine the correctness of our epistemic standards without relying on the very same standards as explanans.
Now that we know where to begin, what about the explanans of noncommensurable inherence?