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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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Throughout the text, Robbins emphasizes that there is no "easy" way to become an expert witness.
Although the expert witness commonly is thought of as an individual with an advanced degree such as a PhD and/or MD, experts may be qualified for any number of reasons, including experience; even individuals who think they may be called to testify only to facts, such as the performance of a test, should consider the possibility of being called as expert witnesses.
Having an expert witness trained in how to present evidence to court is absolutely fundamental," said Ms Conroy.
Despite the defense's strenuous objections, Bloch was permitted to testify as an expert witness.
From the moment the expert witness takes the stand, jury members begin to draw their own opinions.
This month let's examine the possibility of expanding that role by becoming an expert witness for the courts.
The collective expertise of the participants registered for the intense Patent Expert Witness Boot Camp is impressive.
BEIRUT: Expert witness John Edward Philips gave testimony to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Wednesday detailing the technical aspects of mobile communications networks, expected to be the basis of the prosecution's case.
Others who will find the Expert Witness Guide an excellent resource include community organizations seeking speakers to explain complex issues and news reporters seeking industry experts as knowledgeable sources for crime and court stories.
see Pre- qualification document) (ii) Expert Witness Services may involve (but are not limited to): preparation of, and review of, expert witness reports; provision of expert evidence in dispute resolution proceedings including but not limited to litigation, adjudication etc.
EWP is a leading provider of customized expert witness research.
A LIVERPOOL-BASED occupational health consultant is celebrating a decade as an expert witness.
The author distills his own experiences as a paid expert witness on industrial hygiene in order to give advice to others in the same position within the American legal system.
Thus, successfully excluding the testimony of an opposing expert witness can deal a devastating blow to the opponent's case.
The panel of appeal judges, headed by the Master of the Rolls Sir Anthony Clarke, were told by Nicola Davies QC, representing Sir Roy, that as an expert witness he was covered by immunity from any form of action against him over what he said in court.