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in an experimental fashion

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We evaluated a commercially available BG assay (Fungitell, Beacon Diagnostics) by using 178 plasma samples from naturally infected, experimentally infected, and aspergillosis-free birds.
Ingenuity Systems, a leading provider of information and analytics solutions for life science researchers, today announced the addition of new experimentally validated microRNA-mRNA target interactions from miRecords, plus thousands of additional miRNA-mRNA interactions manually curated from additional peer-reviewed literature.
In this view, disease resides in cells (and, perhaps ultimately, in genes); we know this because cellular dysfunction can be demonstrated experimentally.
Our experiment looks for small deviations from the SM in two observables that have never before been addressed experimentally in neutron decay.
Patricia Shewen, professor of immunology, said university researchers have shown experimentally that proteins expressed in cattle's forage can be presented to the immune system.
time-dependent-behavior of residual material affecting the kappa number of birch kraft pulp was experimentally tested step-wise in an industrial two-stage oxygen-alkali delignification process.
Toshiba has developed a fabrication process for HfSiON gate dielectric film for 65nm low power CMOS applications and confirmed its characteristic with an experimentally fabricated LSI with 50nm gate-length CMOS transistors.
In experimentally exposed male animals, when mated with untreated, receptive females, dose-related decreases of mature sperm quality (decreased number, abnormal morphology, less motility, and reduced capacity to penetrate hamster oocytes) and reduction of mating behavior and fertility are observed, whereas in exposed men, significantly decreased testosterone (and high gonadotropin) levels are found (18-20).
It has not been experimentally verified," says Maldacena, who is spending the year as a visiting professor at his alma mater, Princeton University.
The combination of SBI's proprietary protein structures with De Novo's powerful proprietary drug design algorithms extends our design platform from experimentally determined protein structures to the broader world of sequence-based information.
This summer, a batch of Australian, non-stinging wasps was released experimentally to eat the lerps, which originated down under.
construct an experimentally testable theory to explain how new structures evolve;
The stress strain relationship for rubber materials has to be determined experimentally in simple deformation modes, but converted to mathematical equations via a strain energy function to be used in FEA programs.
I was unaware that Pierre Leroux's "circulus," the injunction to utilize fully human waste to enhance agricultural productivity, had in fact been realized experimentally at the "irrigation fields" of Gennevilliers outside Paris, which was widely copied elsewhere.
Bell showed how it provided a way to experimentally test the conventional "Copenhagen" interpretation of quantum mechanics.